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Why bad profile pictures mean really, really, bad dates

This video really made me laugh hard and reminded me of the worst date I ever had

Have you looked at someone’s profile pictures that look good, then met them in person  and they look nothing like the profile pictures that they posted? A guaranteed bad date for sure~ would you stay or Run?

The idea of any profile pictures is to represent you. It means that when we meet – that I’m able to recognize that it’s you. Posting a profile picture of you and a group of your friends at a bar and assuming I’ll be able to pick you out is not a good idea-What If I’m more attracted to your hot friend than you? And providing an image of yourself where you’re the tiny, tiny little speck on the horizon of one of the profile pictures doesn’t tell me much about you either. I am sure the pyramids in Egypt was an amazing experience and you can tell me about your interesting travels on our date but first I would like to see profile pictures that show what YOU really look like first to see if I want to date you.

And please know profile pictures that are recent are helpful too. For example, profile pictures of you, 30 lbs lighter than you are now or profile pictures taken at least 20 years ago doesn’t really do any good either. If you look “hot” in your profile pictures and “not” in the real then of course I’m going to be disappointed.

And Body shape or hair color or height or age may or may not be a deal maker or deal breaker or me, as a matter of fact my partner can be older than me and have curves. But when I am expecting someone who’s hot in their 40’s to show up and I get in someone who looks more like my mom’s age — then I have a problem.

I was on such a date, and I remember the details oh to well (if only I could forget them), I’d met who I thought was a beautiful blonde girl, smart, charming, funny and sexy (at least sexy according to her profile pictures ), we connected on the telephone and agreed to meet, excited I drifted asleep with happy visions of me and the blonde girl!

As I approached her for our first date, she had her back to me, her beautiful long blonde hair exactly as in her profile pictures, then as she turned around to face me-I looked at her and I was shocked, she looked a genuine 20 years older…in my shocked reaction I just flinched and jumped back a couple of paces….Followed by a deeply uncomfortable moment, where Irealized that I had just flinched and she knew it! I went totally red in the face and tried to hide my deep disappointment…I didn’t find her attractive, and she wasn’t the girl I’d hoped to take to dinner.

If I didn’t find her remotely attractive on a first date then what hope could we ever have for a future!

Now I’m not saying that she wasn’t worthy of love-I’m sure that someone somewhere would find her attractive…just not me, if only she’d  posted accurate dating profile picture then she’d have saved us both a wasted evening!

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