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When Should You Ask A Girl Out Online?

Let me introduce you to Scott Valdez…

Scott’s a highly respected expert in the dating industry, who’s been featured in Forbes, BBC, Washington Post, Men’s health, CNN, Urban Daddy and MSBCN.
Recently, AOL’s wrote “Scott Valdez can attract hundreds of women each month in his boxers.”…Scott’s reply…Usually, I put on pajamas

Your own personal marketing when you’re looking for love

Scott’s also the head of  Virtual Dating Assistants, a service devoted to doing all that pesky online wooing for you. Think of it as your own personal marketing campaign for when you’re looking for love…they’ve crunched the numbers, and they know what drives traffic to the product (i.e. you). They provide you with an Assistant to help you schedule dates and they’ll also run telephone conversation scenarios—anything to get you to dinner and drinks with minimal effort… they literally do it all: write your profile, pick out potential matches, send introductory e-mails and message back and forth until your date is confirmed. Then they turn over the correspondence and tell the lucky fellow where and when he’s meeting Madame X.

Here’s what Scott has to tell you about When To Ask For The Date At JUST The Right Time…

Online dating: When Should You Ask A Girl Out Online?

I’m about to show you what to know before you ask a woman out, so that you can quickly transition from the online world to the real one, without any awkward rejection emails in your inbox…

First of all… it is CRITICAL that you know exactly how and when to ask a woman out on a date.

If you know when to ask for the date, you have POWER. You can relax and take control of the situation, and feel confident that you will date most of the women that reply to your first message, because you know what’s coming next…

But if you ask too soon… you will KILL your ability to influence and attract women. They will literally shut off their responsiveness and ignore your messages – and recovering will not be easy (without my help, anyway)…

Knowing how to prevent women from stalling opens up a huge influx of dates in your online love life, and you don’t even have to work any harder. It’s automatic…

Don’t wait too long

…But if you ask too late, women will not want to meet and date you, because you will fall victim to the only thing in the UNIVERSE worse than the “friend zone” – the online dating friend zone…

And of course, learning the simple skill of asking a woman out online can make the difference in the quality of the love life that led you to online dating in the first place. All of your time, energy, and money can be put to good use…to finally date the beautiful women you deserve… It’s that important.

Not figuring out the right way to ask a woman out is like getting rejected by every girl in your high school… because you will be wasting your time, and you might as well GIVE UP…

When’s The Right Time To Ask A Woman Out?

My team at ViDA analyzed hundreds of emails that we’d sent to women our clients ended up meeting to discover the answer to this very question.

After spending countless hours collecting and dissecting all the data, we found that the ideal time to ask for the date is after she has sent you between 2 and 3 emails.

Sometimes, you may need to wait until she’s sent you 4 emails (or even a couple more), but you usually don’t want to wait this long.

So how do you know exactly when to go for it?

The key is to gauge the rapport and attraction that you’ve built by paying close attention to her level of engagement and interest. The simplest single indicator is the length of her emails, but there are others…

If you wait any longer than it takes to receive a few inbound emails, she will start to lose interest because the excitement and mystery of meeting you will fade away, and it will be more comfortable for her to keep you online than off…

But remember that the rule is not ‘the faster, the better.’ You do not want to ask her out in your first email. She hasn’t gotten to know, like and trust you yet. The only time that you can get away with asking her out in the first email you send her is when she contacts you first and says something to let you know that she wants you BADLY.

…which will happen from time to time when you learn how to be attractive to women online…

…But even then, you can make her work harder for you… especially if you really want to get her on “lock down.”

Tips For Asking Her Out

Don’t say anything self-defeating like, “You wouldn’t want to meet up with me, would you?”

Try to overcome possible objections if you think there will be some. You can say something like:

“I’ve found that it’s impossible to predict chemistry online, even if you exchange endless back-and-forth emails…”

or say “Talking seems, to me, like a much better way to get to know someone than emailing.”

By saying things you KNOW she’ll agree with, you get small yeses that help lead to the bigger yes.

Always suggest the first meeting as something that’s harmless and a low investment. A quick cup of coffee sounds much less time-consuming and potentially painful than the Japanese steakhouse.

Typically, you just want to get an agreement to meet “sometime soon” in the email where you ask for the date. You want to make it as easy as possible for her to say “yes” to the idea of meeting up… and then handle the details later.

Once she confirms, you should give her two options for when (i.e. Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening). This keeps it very easy for her to decide while simultaneously using the “scarcity principle” to your advantage. What is scarce seems more valuable…

When the time is confirmed you suggest the perfect meeting place (you are the man so you make this decision firmly)… and then in one final email you will send her your number “in case something last minute comes up” and ask her to send hers over as well…

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