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What people are saying about Top Boston Photographer Aiden

Meet Aiden

I’m grateful that Aiden’s on my team on hand-picked photographer every time I look at his photos! Simply stated they are masterful.

Meet Aiden

So how does a young guy like Aiden create photos on the quality that many photographers who’ve been in the business for decades can’t match in terms of quality and style.
The answer in that Aiden’s has been self-taught rigorously, spent thousands of hours getting to know in and outs of professional photography equipment, has experimented in various photo techniques, and most importantly developed a creative eye that defines who he is as a photographer.

A Journey

I was interested in how Aiden decided to become a photographer; His Authentic answer makes me smile:

“I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Delaware. I came to Boston to attend a music school with some mad hope of becoming a rockstar. Along the way, something happened. I discovered the art of photography. I chose photography and photography chose me. Following my passion keeps my heart beating. I do what I love and I do it well. (hope you will think so too!) Above all, I can be true to myself and put my heart in it.”

A word from Aiden’s Customers.

“Aiden was very professional and EASY to work with. I could tell that he takes his work VERY seriously. “-PAMELA

“Aiden put me at ease straight away and did a great job of putting together so many varied shots from different angles and bringing out the most photogenic in me. Very happy with the results!”-VIVIENNE

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