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The Problem (& Solution) to Dinner Dates

For many people who’ve been dating online for a few months (or a year or so) the idea of yet another dinner date can feel like a chore.

The problems with Dinner dates are that they are often too way too formal, they take time and if you don’t feel a connection with your date (and let’s be honest on some of your dates you probably will not feel any connection) then you’ll effectively be trapped in a restaurant with them in front of you and with nothing to say, dinner dates can be awkward.

….So what’s the solution?

“Take her (or him) to a place that you want to go, not a place that you think they will like.”

The idea here is that you want to show her (or him) what your life is like…you want to bring him (or her) into your world and show them who you really are.  If you go someplace that isn’t your style, they will get the wrong impression about who you really are

Genuine not selfish!

The key here is to be genuine not selfish!
You should do something that you would enjoy and that you think would be fun for him/her.

Whether you’re passionate about walking on the beach, going paragliding or wine tasting then suggest this as a first date…

When we relax

When we relax and are unafraid to show our date who we really are, then we stand a much better chance of meeting that someone special!

…..The only reason that you should take a date to dinner on a first date – is if you are a “foodie”. If you love trying out new restaurants, then go for it!

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