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The Importance of Always Updating Your Online Dating Profile – What to Know

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If you have set up an online dating profile, you’re familiar with those butterflies in your stomach—that nervous, anxious feeling from the stress of wanting to look “just right.” Creating your online date look is not as easy as it sounds. You want to choose the best picture to make your life look interesting without being too flashy. You also want to answer questions in a way that shows your intelligence, humor, and fantastic personality. 

Many people set up their dating portfolio once and forget about it. After all, it’s hard to come up with new witty things to say, especially when there aren’t new happenings in your life. As meticulous as it is, there’s merit to keep updating your profile. It will boost your activity status and keep you looking interesting all year round. 

Not convinced? Hear us out. Here are the main reasons you should always have a fresh online dating profile: 

Updating your online dating profile keeps you relevant

So, how often should you update your online dating profile? While there are no hard rules in online dating, we suggest that you give your profile a makeover at least once a week. Before you panic, keep in mind that doing small changes every week saves you the hassle of a major overhaul in the future. 

When it comes to online dating, engagement is crucial. If you let your profile sit for too long, people may think that you’re uninterested. And just like that, they swipe left without bothering to give you a second look. Try arranging the order of your photos and adding a few captions to keep your status relevant. It will allow you to stay active and visible on the site or app. 

Updating your online dating profile makes you look current

If you find the idea of weekly updates to be exhausting, at least make sure that you update every season. You don’t want to post your picture at a winter ski resort when it’s in the middle of summer. To catch the attention of your potential matches, you always want to be in real-time.

Additionally, it pays to be current and in the know of the trending issues. If a band or singer is promoting a new album, you may want to post a photo of that time you went to their concert. It’s a surefire way of sparking a new conversation. 

Updating your online dating profile boosts your ranking on dating apps

Perhaps you’ve signed up on a dating app for months now, but you’re still not getting enough matches. It’s not you—it’s them. The dating app’s algorithm may have tagged you to be inactive and have pushed your profile to the bottom of its search engine. Dating sites don’t particularly explain how profiles are displayed to users. However, it makes sense to believe that the more active you are, the higher the chances that people will see you. 

When your dating life is on the line, it’s not a situation for the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” More than having beautiful pictures, making tweaks to your profile will give you a huge advantage in the world of online dating.

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