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Most men are clueless! (And Free dating advice for guys)

Here’s an excellent and lighthearted example showing men having no clue about what women want!

Todays’ post is dating advice for the men!

Most men are clueless!

The truth is that many men are born clueless when it comes to women, they see women as difficult and mysterious and as they’ve never had reliable dating advice! Picking the right girl is often a process of “rolling the dice” and hoping you get the right girl “Yes sir, in the past! I’ve been blessed to meet some really amazing women but there’s also been a time when I’ve lived with a Narcissistic-psycho-bitch from hell!”

For all the single guys reading this, meet my good friend Anthony Clark. He knows exactly what dating advice to give guys about women;  He’s a great man with a HUGE heart and he really knows his stuff (I’ve seen him help friends, so I know that he’s the real deal for dating advice and tips)
Anthony Clark is a certified life & love coach and expert on Dr Drew’s Life Changers Television Show on the CW Network. Over the last 15 years he and his beautiful wife Melanie (You wouldn’t want to take advice from a man who doesn’t have a beautiful wife would you!) have transformed the love lives of thousands of men. Anthony is a former professional male escort and has seduced and dated hundreds of beautiful women. The Amazing Clark’s brutally honest, no BS approach to romance has made them 2 of the most respected and influential dating advice gurus for men in the country

If you’re a single guy who lives in Southern California (or can travel) it’s a total no-brainer, go attend this free workshop and learn from a man who has studied the art and science of relationships for years and get the of the best dating advice for yourself! and it won’t cost you a dime!

Details are available at tell him I sent you!

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    spot on. I too have (picked?) ended up with the wrong person too.
    maybe i should have been more selective.
    really funny video too


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