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The Chemistry of Love…OxyTocin and Dating for women? (And Men)

..Whether you like Science or Psychology or not here’s some interesting information!

Love is a Chemical?

Do you think LOVE is just a chemical reaction? or is there more to this? or are we plain and simply directed by are hormones?

There’s a hormone called Oxytocin that’s (Often referred to as the “love molecule”, Oxytocin is linked with helping couples establish intimacy)

What does this mean to Daters?

What does this mean to us when we’re dating?

Imagine going on a date with a man who you really like.  Imagine a romantic date You feel great and this is due to the powerful hormone called Oxytocin.

As the date goes on, you feel a real connection with this guy and after the date you go back to your apartment and make out….now your Oxytocin levels are really high and this  which releases even more of this “bonding chemical”.  With all this Oxytocin circulating in your system, you fell so “right” and s connected!

Some people would say that Oxytocin just like a drug removes your rational thought process and before long in your mind you’ve convinced yourself that he is your perfect match and you barely even know him!  While you’re dreaming of your perfect  future together, he’s just thinking that this is great sex.

Is this the reason that many women share too much/bond too quickly and end up getting hurt?

Bonding with the wrong people

And what happens if you feel Bonded with someone who’s just NOT right for you? (Just about everyone I’ve ever met has experienced this)

Deep down, you know he’s wrong for you, but you’re addicted to this Oxyticin  ‘high’ and just like a drug addict, you  keep going back for more.

Rational Mind

Taking a step back and seeing if this person is right for you is a good strategy…when we know rationally that someone’s a good choice AND we feel a strong bond then we’ve found a good match, when there’s just passion then walk away! (No Matter How you feel!)

Think About This too!

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