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The 10 Biggest Mistakes that Men make when online dating

I want to begin this article by saying that this advice isn’t for everyone!

If you’re the kind of man who thinks that the should pay half the check then STOP READING now!

if not then I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts, have  better dates and find someone worthy of you!

5 Mistakes

I think that many men make these 5 Mistakes!

  1. Failing to be a gentleman
  2. Trying to convince her to like you
  3. Looking for approval
  4. Sharing your feelings too early
  5. Asking questions about a woman’s romantic past

online dating mistakesFailing to be a gentleman

It’s simple guys, dress well, turn up on time for the date, open the door for her, pull out her chair, pay the check!

Trying to convince her to like you

When most men meet a woman they like they try to convince her that they are the right man for her. This is the worse thing they can ever do!

“You will never influence how a woman “FEELS” with regards to attraction-either she feels “It” or she doesn’t guys…so if the feeling isn’t mutual then stop trying too hard and move on”

You can’t convince a woman to feel anything for you by any “logic and reasoning.”

It’s just not going to happen

Looking for approval

AWFUL idea…let me say Awful again for emphasis!

Women will NEVER be attracted to the type of man who seeks approval or permission

Guys grow some balls and don’t seek approval (This does NOT mean treat her poorly, just don’t be a WUSS) any decent women will likely either feel bad for or get annoyed at a man who in seeking her approval constantly (And this isn’t about being emotionally unavailable either

Sharing your feelings too early

A BIG mistake is sharing how you “feel” too early on. This signals that you’re just like all the rest who fall for her too quickly… and can’t control themselves….so remember to chill out and slow things down…dating is not a race!

Asking questions about a woman’s romantic past

Just don’t go there it’s not gentlemanly.

Something Else to think about!

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