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Top 5 online dating turn offs and how to avoid them

Online dating is so new that not many people know how to navigate this tricky world of digital romance. One of the best ways to help yourself is knowing what NOT to do. Here are the 5 biggest turn offs committed by men and women in the online dating world.

1. Bad photos

Out of focus shots, too many group photos, low quality images, bad lighting and the list goes on. You want your online dating pics to show off the best you but also the real you. Make sure you have clear, in focus photos with decent lighting.

Also, limit the amount of group photos you have. You don’t want a potential match to have to guess which person you are in the photograph or find your friends more attractive than you. If you need new photographs hire a pro or if you are strapped for cash, get a friend with a good camera to take some great pics for you.

2. Whining about your past

“tired of games” or “looking for someone real” “trying to find a girl that isn’t crazy.” This highlights your emotional baggage and makes you sounds resentful. It also looks like you have a negative view of the opposite sex. Not a great look. You want your profile to show off who you are as a person, not your scars from the past.

3. Acting like you are too good for online dating

If you were really above online dating, you wouldn’t be online dating. You are also broadcasting a negative message that people engaged in online dating are beneath you… which, you know, probably won’t work for you in online dating. You shouldn’t be ashamed to be online dating, it’s just the way things are now. Also, it’s FUN!

4. Too many photos with alcohol

You might be a social drinker but too many photos of you with an alcoholic beverage will make it seem like you have a problem. One is fine, maybe 2 pictures, but anymore and you go from being a social drinker to a problem drinker. Also, make sure you don’t look intoxicated in any of your photos. Bad look!

5. No profile text

You aren’t being mysterious, you look like you either don’t care or are not a real profile. Make sure you write something about yourself. A good place to start is what you enjoy doing so list your hobbies, favourite foods, activities, etc. Make sure you sound positive and inviting. Steer clear of anything that makes you sound resentful.


Avoid this list of these massive pitfalls and you will be flirting with some cuties in no time. The main takeaways from this are have better profile pictures of yourself and make sure your profile text is laced with some positive and attractive information about yourself. We’d say good luck but you won’t need it after reading this article.

The Secrets of a Successful Profile

It’s supposed to happen quickly. You should be able to join a dating site, shoot out a few winks, follow them up with some emails and in no time at all find yourself sipping cocktails with someone who makes you go “hmm, I like the look of them…”

In practice though, it’s never that simple. Online dating is exactly like offline dating… but with a greater number of people and a wider variety of options. You still have to put in effort. You still have to look the part. You still have to smile, dress up and make people laugh.

But online, you have to do it all before you even meet.

That’s the part that dating sites tend to neglect. They assume you know that dating is all about first impressions, looks and personality.

But they also assume you know how to express those things online.

The truth is that making a good first impression across the Web requires some very special skills.

It requires a photograph that doesn’t just show you, but one that shows you at your best. Your features have to be clear, your look has to be appealing and your appearance has to be relaxed and inviting. A snapshot won’t cut it — any more than wearing jogging pants and a t-shirt will cut it at a party — and neither will an old vacation photo. It’s possible that you might have a good, usable photograph stashed away somewhere on your hard drive but in general few people do have one. They just have photos that make do.

That’s the difference between meeting someone wearing the first thing you picked up off the bedroom floor, and meeting someone wearing your best outfit, while feeling confident and relaxed.

It’s the difference between being just another fuzzy-looking online single and being clearly an attractive partner and an excellent date.

It’s the difference between spending months writing emails or waiting for responses, and receiving plenty of replies and dates as early as this weekend.

LookBetterOnline was created to give singles the most important tool they need to find love online fast: a look that truly reflects them. For as little as $197, we can give you a complete set of pictures designed specifically for dating sites and save you months of fruitless searching. Take look here to find a photographer in your area today, and give yourself a profile that gets results.

What to Look for When Reading a Bio

When you first start browsing the profiles on a dating site, you might well feel spoiled for choice. There are so many singles in your area, in your age group, in your list of potential partners.

Look a little closer though and the picture becomes a little more blurry. After a while, everyone starts to look the same.

One dark, fuzzy picture looks just like another dark, fuzzy picture.

One vacation snap looks like another vacation snap.

And one person who likes to watch movies and listen to music, dress up and dress down, go out and stay in starts to sound like… well, everyone you’ve ever met.

Finding love online means not just reading a lot of profiles but reading between the lines of a lot of profiles.

As always, that starts with the picture. When you look at the photo, ask yourself how much effort went into uploading that image. A poor, unfocused picture might well mean that they’re not serious about finding someone — that they’re not prepared to make an effort to make a good impression.

What does that tell you about the sort of date you can expect with them?

Look too beyond the adjectives in the description, and focus instead on what the person actually likes to do in their spare time. Everyone says they’re passionate, loyal and fun-loving. But if you can discover what they’re passionate about, what loyalty actually means to them and what they find fun, you’ll have a great idea of what life with that person will actually be like.

It might take you an email or two to get that information but even if the profile doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, it can tell you what questions to ask to find out.

Successful online dating is all about standing out from the crowd with a profile that creates an impression, attracts looks and shows you care. At LookBetterOnline, we help online singles create profiles that get results. Order your package from just $197 here.