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Questions? 888.282.9777

Spotlight on top Riverside, Photographer Rick

Highly experienced with a love for photography

Rick  has been taking portrait photos for over a decade…yes 10 years and countless hours behind a lens perfecting his images!

….And he clearly loves his work. In his words:

“I think the basic essence of photography is to capture something that will move the audience. It should stir up emotion, spirit and passion. I believe portrait photography does this best. “The eyes are windows to the soul”. You should be able to look at an expression of a persons face in a photography and relate to who they are”.


Relaxed photos are the key

Rick is easy to spend time with, putting you at ease quickly, when I asked him how he helps people relax- here’s what he told me:

“Meeting a complete stranger for the first time is quite uncomfortable for some people. I enjoy it! I am an extremely patient, relaxed person. I try to project ease and peace into everything I do. I believe the easiest way to get someone to relax is to be relaxed yourself! In addition to that it takes usually a combination of things- the ability to read a person and their temperament, a confidence in your photography and the assurance the client feels at the session, the willingness to open up yourself and lastly the ability to listen and communicate very well”.

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