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Questions? 888.282.9777

Spotlight on Top Redmond , Washington Photographer Eric

Just a couple of days ago I was looking through Eric’s photo work! as you can see from the quality of these photos I’m grateful that Eric’s on my team of hand-picked photographers.

30 years of experience!

There are few Photographers in this world with 30 years of experience! Eric is one of the few- In his words:

I’ve worked in television journalism for 30 years and  although I enjoy being a part of the big story I also enjoy the small moments of a one on one still photo shoot. I like working  with people to create an image that not only captures they way they look but also surprises them as to how good they can look.

“I’d like to work with lookBetterOnline because I found real joy in helping friends find their loves online. Those pictures made a positive difference in their lives which is much different than the work I do everyday.”

Helping people relax & Enjoy a Photo-session

As well as having outstanding photo skills-Eric has an easygoing nature and is able to put people at ease and help them really enjoy their photo-session.

“Creating a comfortable atmosphere is one of the key steps in creating an exceptional portrait for a client. I like a shoot to be a conversation where you just happen to be taking pictures. A successful shoot is filled with genuine smiles and laughter.”

To book your own photo-session with ERIC CLICK HERE

(Please contact before booking for rates if Ferry/Fees are required as this involves an extra charge).


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