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Questions? 888.282.9777

Spotlight on Top Raleigh Photographer Tom

I’m glad that Tom’s on the team

A love of photography

In Tom’s words:
“ I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was a kid. As I got older, I traveled the world and explored visual storytelling through art and film-making, before returning to my first love, photography”.

I recently asked Tom why he likes portrait photography and he told me:

“What I really enjoy about portrait photography is meeting a variety of different people and bringing out their personality in my photography”.


When it comes to Photography Tom is very experienced!
He has a B.A. in Communications: Visual Media from The American University and has spent literally thousands of hours behind the lens of a camera (You can see this in his masterful profile photos)

In his Photo/TV work he’s worked with a lot of high profile clients (think  CNN, NBC News, National Geographic, PBS, Getty Images, Raleigh Convention and Visitor”s Bureau, North Carolina Education Lottery, Popular Photography, Au Courant Magazine, and many more….)

On-Location-Photo-sessions for natural style photos

Tom’s focus is on “On-Location photo sessions” (And I’m a huge fan of these as they end up looking natural and relaxed)

Whatever the weather there are many excellent parks and recreation areas in the Raleigh/Durham area. Tom has the experience of having done photo-shoots at most of them, so if needed he can direct you to the place that best suits your needs.

“I shoot at the NC State (Raulston) Arboretum quite a bit. It is a central Raleigh location, with several different areas. It also looks different depending on the time of year, with various plantsand trees blooming according to the season”.

                                                               To book your own photo-session with Tom CLICK HERE

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