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Questions? 888.282.9777

Spotlight on top Los Angeles, Northridge Photographer

Highly experienced & Passionate about Photography…

Allison has been passionate about photography since her teenage years, documenting her own life events with various film cameras for many years has given Allison an eye to capture the ‘mood of the moment’ Allison went professional a decade ago..

In her words:

“Portrait photography is a welcoming challenge, it allows me to capture the unique beauty and personality of someone I’ve just met and then portray it all in one image.” 

Relaxed photos are the key

Allison is welcoming and easy to spend time with, putting you at ease quickly, she’s adventurous in her style and willing to step out of the box to capture your story within an image. And don’t worry if you aren’t sure how you’d like to present yourself. Allison chats with each client and will provide creative and unique suggestions. Her lifestyle way of shooting will make your photo speak to that special person you’re looking for.

Being relaxed during a photo session is key to great results so during a photo session I enjoy casual banter and music which brings out one’s naturalness”

What Allison’s clients are saying

“Allison was terrific! She took the time to ask me the kind of look and qualities I wanted to project. She was professional and helpful and knew exactly what she was doing to get the best shots. I’d recommend her to all of my friends! “-Michele

“Allison was great. She was very energetic and enthusiastic. She engaged me in conversation and helped me to relax so that my pictures were more natural. She gave me good suggestions and provided insights as to why she wanted me to follow her suggestions. The experience was very positive and I am very happy with the final product, my pictures. She took over 80 photos in under an hour, and I had plenty of shots to choose from and decide which pictures were the best ones. “-David

Allison was great! Before seeing the pictures she took I was convinced that I was incapable of having a good picture taken of me. She really knows what shes doing that’s for sure. Thanks, “-Mike

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