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Spotlight on Top Fort Collins Photographer Richard

Meet Richard

I’m glad that Richard’s on my team of hand-picked photographer every time I look at his photos! He’s definitely one of the most creative photographers who’s mastered more styles of photography than anyone else I know.

Now native to Colorado, Richard was born and raised to first generation Italians in Brooklyn, New York. Along with photography he loves family, wonderful friends, natural and organic foods, great wines and he’s an avid cook too!

So how does Richard create amazing photos of the highest quality and style? The answer is a combination of passion and experience! (He’s spent literally thousands of hours behind a camera!)

Highly experienced with the gift of Connection!

There are few photographers with Richard’s photo experience! One of the reasons I think Richard takes such breathtaking photos is that he has the abiluty to really connect with people; In Richard’s words:

“Befriend each person. Respect each person’s place in their process because it can be incredibly difficult to put oneself out in this manner. Understanding vulnerabilities is important!

Richard’s  Outstanding photos

To book your own photo-session with Richard CLICK HERE

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