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Questions? 888.282.9777

Spotlight on Top Denver (Colorado) Photographer

Meet Monico

I love Monico’s photos-whether they are his senior or model photos or the candid dating profile photos that he offers LookBetterOnline customers.

Very Experienced & “Natural, Non-posed”

Monico is a people photographer with 20 years’ experience “My goal is to bring out the best in my clients and show them how good looking they really are!” Monico says.

When Monico works with people it’s all about the customer. “I don’t make a big fuss on the posing,” he says, “and when I grab the shots, I let them know how great they are doing!”

Monico Encourages “On Location” Photo-sessions.

In Monico’s Words:

“I work primarily “on location” and prefer working with natural backgrounds that put customers at ease. Some of the most popular backgrounds are very simple like an old wall or a sidewalk with shadows in the background. Generally the backgrounds I prefer are the light and shadows that I’ve learned to use over the last 20 years.”!

What Monico’s customers are saying

“Monico was very easy to work with. I liked his laid back style which helped me to be relaxed. He was great!!”- JEAN

“Monico is a fantastic photographer. Honestly I was a little uncomfortable about the whole thing and somewhat self-conscious walking around on site in public and taking pictures. But I knew on site was better than in a studio, just looks more natural and interesting. But Monico made it fun and painless, seriously. It felt like the time went by and before I knew it we were done, he kept it relaxed and simple and told me exactly what to do to make the best photos. It was exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely go to him again for any other photographic needs, and highly recommend him to my friends.”-AARON

Think about this!

Having great online dating profile photos (Taken in a specific way) is the most important thing you can do when dating online, To Book a session with Monico simply CLICK HERE

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