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Questions? 888.282.9777

Spotlight on Top Boca Raton photographer

Meet Ben

Ben’s a great photographer!-whether its the candid dating profile photos that he offers LookBetterOnline customers or his masterful Nature photos.

Highly skilled & experienced

Ben graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Graphic Design and has spent literally thousands of hours behind a camera.

And he’s photographed some pretty famous people (Think The Grateful Dead, The Foo Fighters,  Fergie, Beastie Boys, REM, and many more.)

Getting to know a master photographer

So that you can get to know a little more about Ben I asked him 3 questions!

LookBetterOnline: (Giles) What do you like about taking portrait photos?
The challenge in animating a person into who they are through an image. (this is really important, it’s the real you that you want to post when you’re looking for love online, not a posed, tense version of you)

LookBetterOnline: (Giles) What advice do you have for customers?
Ben: Be yourself and it will be show in your photos! (Ben’s positive and cheerful and easy to be around and will help you!)

LookBetterOnline: (Giles) What’s your favorite local location to shoot portrait and why
Ben: My favorite locations are where the customer feels most relaxed, this shows in the photos!

What Ben’s customers are saying

“”Great Photographer; Easy to deal with; Fast, Supportive and Encouraging Great shots “- STEVEN

”Ben is personable and friendly, put me at ease and made the whole session fun. My pictures came out great, too.”-SHARYN

Think about this!

Having great online dating profile photos (Taken in a specific way) is the most important thing you can do when dating online, To Book a session with Ben simply CLICK HERE

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As the Former CEO of LookBetterOnline, Giles was responsible for making sure our customers get the first-rate service we promise. Giles was also responsible for recruiting and training photographers who are asked to join our growing network of outstanding photo service providers. Giles wass responsible for day-to-day operations and new business development at LookBetterOnline

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