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Should you smile in Dating profile photos? (Advice from dating photographers)

It begins with a question

I asked several of my online dating photographers the question “Should you smile for dating photos”? and while I felt that most dating photographers would answer “YES” I wanted to look at this subject in just a little more detail

If you’re male and under 30 years old then please ignore this article, (As there’s evidence that looking away from the Camera may get you more attention online! for more about this see my Blog post Click Here)

For the rest of us

If you are over 30 then when you visit a dating photographer smiling for the camera is probably a good idea, but not all smiles are created equal.

There are the natural authentic smiles we display when we’re genuinely joyful… and then there are the forced smiles we endure for photos and polite social occasions.


Authentic smiles are marked by wrinkles in the eyes and differ from those flat mouth-only smiles.

…it’s these real, happy smiles that get results.

University Study

In a study of “authentic” smiles, conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, demonstrated the impact of smiling. Researchers analyzed the yearbook pictures of 111 smiling women. Fifty of the pictures displayed authentic smiles. Participants expressing genuine positive emotions in their yearbook picture were more likely to be married and have higher well-being than their non-smiling classmates.

Never Forced

An experienced dating photographer will know that it’s never a good idea to force a smile out of a client. A forced smile isn’t genuine and nearly always looks fake and cheesy. I remember a negative experience I had-

“I used a bad dating photographer once, who didn’t make me feel comfortable, she kept telling me to smile, when I’m not a smiling sort of person… I mean, I smile but not the “cheesy” grin that she wanted, I’m just not comfortable when forced to smile-and my photos showed it-I felt stupid and never used the photos, they just sit on my laptop and every time I see them I groan”


To coax out a real smile, Here’s a simple tip…imagine a memory that makes you really happy…when you do this you’ll naturally smile- and the muscles used to smile will lift your face, making you appear younger. Most of us are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person and figure out what’s making them so happy. Frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away but a smile draws them in

“You know how it feels when you’re out and someone smiles at you? It makes you more likely to approach that person or at least smile back, right? Well, it’s the same with online photos. People want to know what you look like when you’re happy. Why? Subconsciously, they’re also looking for someone who might make them happy. So save the tough — or pouty — face for an additional shot if you really want others to see it. Post a grin as your main shot and reel in a date!” expert Kimberly Dawn Neumann.

So smile but naturally…

Some Good Advice

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