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Quick tips on getting better online dating photos

There are some tried and true fundamentals that you should adhere to when getting good online dating photos. Miss these and your photos are likely to join the endless ranks of those who rarely get any attention whatsoever to their online dating profile.

1) Bright light and warm sun is great to sit in, but not for taking photos. Bright light causes harsh shadows and contrast that is way too high to render flattering images. Choose open shade or an overcast day to shoot your online dating photos. The softer light will even out features and provide much better contrast.

2) Never ever shoot up at your subject from a low angle. Very few people can withstand that very unflattering angle. Shoot down instead. The results are universally better when you do.

3) Don’t ever take your own photo in the bathroom mirror. Many online daters think this is the most cost-effective way to get an online dating photo. The truth is those photos are just a waste of time. They suggest a bunch of really negative things besides being poor photographs.

4) Have someone you trust take your photo. There’s nothing worse than the strained expression of someone who has been photographed by someone who makes them feel uncomfortable.

5) Invest in your photos and in your online image. It’s some of the best money you’ll ever spend.

Think About This!

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    Merav Knafo


    Bathroom photos are the worst!


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