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Profile Photo Tips for Christians

Choose your advice carefully

Whether you’re 25 or 95, having great online photos is essential to your profile. However getting good advice on posting dating profile photo can prove to be a frustrating experience. Many articles advise women to show more cleavage and men to look mysterious and aloof by not smiling. This is terrible advice for anyone seeking a healthy, long-term meaningful relationship. has much stricter photo standards that other dating websites (probably because it’s also the only major Christian dating site which is actually Christian owned). They don’t permit photos showing cleavage, bikini shots, or shirtless men.

Love not lust

The important reason for this is that while they recognize that physical attraction is very important in a relationship and often the spark which initiates the relationship, the focus is on long term, healthy relationships between Christians and not short term, physical relationships which often fail. (The key is to be guided by love not lust.)

The idea here is to give you some simple advice on looking your best online and NOT to focus too heavily on the physical (or worse, sexual attraction with complete strangers on the internet-as this won’t bring you any lasting happiness.)

A specific kind of photo

Most of us know that we need good photos when online dating but- after looking at data from 11,400,000 profile photos we found that there is a specific kind of photo that gets people more attention online (For full disclosure: I’ve take the data we collected and using a little “common sense” adapted it to make it appropriate for Christian’s.)

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I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve met who think they have good dating photos but don’t (ironically I nearly missed meeting my Fiancé because she had blurred photos.) People blame dating websites for lack of matches, or worse end up feeling unable to meet that someone special and find lasting love when it’s often their photos that are holding them back form meeting someone special

And while it’s not all about Physical attraction first impressions are important- and that’s especially true when you’re dating online…most people won’t look at a profile unless the pictures are good enough to hold their attention.

The Right Image Produces the Right Responses

There’s a difference between a photo that generates lots of responses and a photo that generates a life-long relationship.

A photo shouldn’t just show what you look like; it should also show who you are.

For example, if you’re a little edgy then a preppy photo will attract responses from people who won’t be great matches. Conversely, nice guys don’t wear ripped tee-shirts and show attitude, even if people tell you that those are the looks that get responses.

And women, while some people will tell you that cleavage shots might bring women more messages, AVOID them. (As I said earlier in this article be guided by love not lust.)

Success in online dating isn’t based on the number of responses. Forget the dating advice that you need to have lots of replies…You don’t need to bring in lots of replies; all you need is that one special person for you!.

Clothes Count

What you wear in your dating photo is as important as what you wear on the date.

You should look smart and casual at the same time- show that you clean up well without looking stiff and formal. And remember that casual doesn’t mean a dirty shirt and baggy sweats. Too casual suggests that you don’t care what people think-

Before heading to the shoot, put together several different outfits in strong, solid colors that look good on you.

When picking your clothes, try to put together more than one look for the profile. A dressy outfit would show you ready for a dinner and a more laid back outfit would let the viewer imagine walking with you on the beach or sitting under a tree, enjoying a picnic.

Arrive for the photo session in the dressier look; it’s always easier to dress down as the photo session progresses than to try to dress up.

Avoid busy patterns, prints, stripes, paisley, and elaborate designs. Stick to classic looks that won’t date and choose colors that look good with your skin tone. If you’re not sure what those are, there’s a ton of advice online that will help match shades to skin.

Also your outfits should be kept on hangers, not folded in a bag, so that they don’t wrinkle for the photo-shoot, and a lint roller always comes in handy for removing those flecks of cat hair.

Finally, (and we might have to break this to you gently) before the shoot, ditch the sunglasses and take off the baseball cap; As that the eyes are the window to your soul don’t take photos wearing sunglasses? You may think that wearing sunglasses looks cool but you’ll simply make it difficult for that someone special to see your face. And guys if you’re wearing a cap most women will assume its hiding a bald spot.”

Glamor Shots, Make-Up and Hair

A glamor shot is never about creating a photograph that shows your real personality. It’s about creating a shot the photographer finds the most pleasing. The photographer will often use heavy make-up, hair styling, unnatural lighting and lots of post-production retouching.

The result might be fantastic but it fails online…

People avoid these types of dating pictures because they know no one looks like that in real life — and if they do bite, they avoid them after the date because they didn’t measure up to the dating photos on the profile.

When it comes to using a make-up artist before having a picture taken, guys can do without. Women probably can too if they’re a dab hand with the mascara. One easy option is to stop off at the cosmetics counter at a nearby department store for a free make-up session on the way to the shoot.

Also know that spending hundreds of dollars on hair and make-up can backfire. If you can’t re-create the same glammed-up, flawless look for your dates, you’ll disappoint.

When your profile photos don’t look like you, they don’t serve their purpose.

When doing your own make-up, keep it natural. Apply using natural window light even if that means using a room other than the bathroom. Good lighting is essential to a good, even application.

Lips look great when shiny, either from transparent or colored lip gloss. (Matte, dark lipstick tends to have an aging effect in photos, so it’s best avoided.)

Face foundation and powder should be matte and exactly match neck and body skin tone, so that it
becomes invisible. You’d be amazed at how many women think they are wearing a perfect skin

tone color, when in reality the foundation is visibly darker or lighter than the true skin tone of their

neck. The camera sees everything, so you might want to update your make-up supply before their session.

And forget about that “age-defying” mineral foundation that contains light reflecting particles to give a youthful look. While it might look great in real life, it’s not camera-friendly. Self-tanners and bronzers will invariably make skin look orange, and glittery body lotion or make-up tends to show up in pictures as little white flecks.

Shine is the enemy of photography. Dewy skin is attractive in real life, but in photos it looks like an oil slick, so skin should be matte.

Eye shadow can look darker in photos, so if you normally wear a dark color, think about using a lighter shade for their photo session. Mascara, though, will make eyes appear brighter.

Grey hairs and dark roots are also something the camera sees, so if you color your hair, try to have it done no more than a few days before the session.

Ultimately, you should style your hair the way you would normally wear it to a date. If the shoot will take place outdoors, hair spray will tame flyaway strands away from face and hair, hands and nails may also end up in the shot. A plain clear nail polish always works. For dry lips, bring Chap Stick and for dry eyes, there’s Visine.

Guys have it easier but it’s worth spending a few minutes the day before the shoot tweezing away facial hairs to eliminate nose hair or unibrow.

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What to know if you take your own photos

As stated earlier we looked at the data of over 11,400,000 profile photos and found that there is a specific kind of photo that gets people more attention online?

We found that:

The type of camera you use has a huge effect on how good you look in your pictures”


“Interchangeable lens cameras (digital SLRs) make you look more attractive than point and shoot cameras, and MUCH better than a camera phone”.

The reason that they say this is that the specific kind of photo that will get you the best results is one where the subject (That’s you) is photographed in Sharp focus while the rest of the picture is blurred.

Look at these photo examples and notice how the subject (that’s me) is in sharp focus while the rest of the picture is blurred.
Photos (Like these) feel more intimate and personal; they get a better viewer response.

Posting photos in this style WILL get you noticed more, and getting noticed online means a better chance of finding that someone special!

You’ll either know someone who has the skills and Camera to take these specific kind of photos OR you’ll need to hire a professional photographer who really “understands what they are doing”

Remember…Photos where you’re in sharp focus while the rest of the picture is blurred.

Before taking your photos

I’m amazed at how much money people (women especially) spend on hair and clothes in preparation for getting great profile photos only to turn up for the session looking tired or stressed!

Get a good night’s sleep the night before you take your photos, avoid wearing sunglasses for a couple of hours before the shoot; they leave marks on the bridge of the nose and don’t experiment with skin treatments the night before the photo session, though. The last thing you want is a skin irritation or allergic reaction.

On the day of the shoot itself, if you’ve chosen to hire a professional you should know how to reach the location, relaxed and with plenty of time to spare…turning up late and stressed will give you awful photos

After the Shoot: When to Retouch?

Photo retouching is best left to remove a stray hair, to correct color and lighting or help someone who has a minor acne breakout or razor burn, but no more than that.

“Often people work too much and get bags under their eyes for lack of sleep. Digital retouching can remove a few minor lines and show them looking their best. But if you have a mole the size of a quarter on your forehead, and you want it removed,  people are going to notice and there is no point looking like someone you don’t in real life.”

Retouching should enable you to look as you do on your best day. It shouldn’t change a body or a look….stick to “Light retouching” at most.

Some Good Advice

Whether you are 25 or 95 Having great online dating photosis important.
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