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Profile Photo tips: Dating photo No-No’s

Don’t do this stuff!

i. The Cut-Out Ex

There are no circumstances in which it’s wise to use a picture with an ex cropped out. Even if your client looks great, it’s the ex who will dominate. Viewers will assume your client is still hung up on them and won’t believe that they can fill the space.

ii. Mirror and Webcam Shots

Web cam shots never do a person justice. They’ll just make the person in the picture look lonely. The same is true of shots taken in the bathroom mirror. They make the viewer wonder why the person doesn’t have a friend to hold the camera.

iii. Old Photos

Online dating photos should be current. The images should show their subjects as they are today. There are no two ways around that. Your client might have great senior photos, or have looked at her peak a decade ago but there should be no nasty surprises when she meets her date. The idea that someone can post an old photo and hope that their date will forgive a few white lies just doesn’t fly. The reality is that there is no polite way to say “you’re not what I expected” while trying to hide a disappointed look.

If photos are more than two years old, if your client has lost (or gained) lots of weight, dropped some hair or changed their teeth… they need new photos, and you should be making them.

iv. Photos Surrounded by Other Girls (or Guys)

Some men seem to think it’s okay to post photos showing them with a bunch of Hooters waitresses. It’s a great idea… if they’re trying to impress some other guys. If they’re looking to find a girl though, it’s a non-starter.

And the same is true of girls surrounded by lots of guys. Guys do want their girlfriend to be fun but they don’t want to have to battle every guy in the bar for her attention. Photos like these don’t work for guys and they don’t work for girls either.

v. Children

An online dating site is not the place to show photos of children to strangers. The words in your profile are the right place to mention kids but their photos shouldn’t be on the site. Security and privacy issues aside, the profile is about the single and no one else.

vi. Shirtless Photos

Men under 30 with the body of a supermodel can pull off shirtless shots… but only them.

Here’s what eHarmony says about shirtless photos for men:

“We suppose men who submit shirtless profile photos are showing a certain confidence. We all know that women love confidence. We also know that women hate profile photos of shirtless men. Why? It shows a cavalier attitude. It shows a lack of good graces. Women might wonder, is this a man I want to introduce to my father? Like so many of these terrible profile photos, more than anything it seems to show a lack of judgment about what is appropriate. No matter how hard your abs may be.”

Something Else to think about!

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