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What you should never put on your dating profile

Your dating site profile should always be positive. It should show that you’re a happy, contented person who wants to be even happier and more contented, not a sad, lonely person who wants someone to cheer them up.
Nothing puts people off more than the whiff of desperation. No one wants to be a cheerleader for a losing side; they want to be part of the winning team.

A talented New York Photographer.

Simply stated Rick takes amazing photos.

Thousands of hours of photography

It’s clear that he’s spent thousands of hours behind a camera perfecting his photos

When I asked him why he likes Portrait photography he told me that

“It allows me to help someone capture themselves in a way that truly represents them best to the world. I love the challenge of getting the subject out of their shell and sharing themselves with the world in a new or fantastic way.”

Don’t be afraid of the silence…

Most people run away from silence in when on a date, they feel it’s awkward, they feel like it’s tough to connect with people and that silence is a lack of communication.


The problem for many of us is that we’re afraid of silences; Dating “experts” and coaches tell us that silence is “like quicksand”, that silence is awkward and that trying to connect is “nerve-wracking” or to focus on starting a conversation.