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Our Guide to Online Dating Profile Photos – 2 Mistakes to Avoid

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If you’ve been on the online dating world long enough, you’ll soon notice that everyone’s profile seems to be the same over and over again. This repetition may cause you to believe that you should be doing exactly the same because it seems to be the “correct” way. 

Despite this pressure, remember that you’re unique. You have your preferences, tastes, personality—there is no one like you! You have no reason to create a dating profile that looks like everyone else’s profile. To be successful here, know that you need to be different and stand out from the crowd! 

With that said, here are two dating profile photo mistakes you should avoid;

1. Action photos

If you’ve ever rummaged through anyone’s profile, you might have seen pictures of them in action. They might show off their skiing trip, scuba diving adventures, or jungle trekking moments. They upload such pictures, believing that these activities help them look fun, brave, courageous, and attractive to anyone looking for a potential partner. You might believe the same, thinking that action photos help capture the fun and adventurous side of you. After all, who wouldn’t want a partner that’s exciting, right?

While it might give out that message, what does it say? Not much, really, other than the fact that the person goes out many times. There is a massive downfall to these pictures, and that is it obscures the one element of the profile that people are looking for and that’s the individual. Yes, these photos might showcase your favorite activities, but what people are more interested in is you. They won’t be able to tell how you look and figure out whether or not they like you. It will tell them that you’re not unique and that you’re like anyone else out there with all their action photos. 

If you want a picture that will attract anyone and showcases who you are, while staying unique, include photos of you and only you in your profile. Include well-lit, high-quality pictures of your head and shoulders, where people can see your eyes directly. This is more effective in proving yourself to be unique when compared to any wild, out-of-your-mind action photos can ever do.

2. Group photos

Some people rely on group photos to prove that they’re sociable, that they have a large circle of friends, and that they are the life of the party, among others. While the pictures may do that to a certain extent, there are plenty of downfalls to these kinds of photos that you should avoid using them.

For example, people looking at the picture might not be able to tell which person you are. They might even end up going out with one of your friends that, to them, looks better. In the case that your potential partner is looking for you, they might give up figuring out which one you are and leave.

In other words, you’re just decreasing your chances of landing a partner by uploading pictures of yourself surrounded by a group of friends. Remember that you need to make sure that your images are all about you and no one else. With a picture of yourself, you can fully display your personality and character!

At this point, you now know that you need to avoid doing anything extravagant and stay simple. By sticking with solo shots of yourself, you give yourself the highest possible chances of landing a pleasing partner. Sure, you can add some flair to the pictures, but make sure that the picture is all about you. Only that way can prospective partners carefully study you and decide whether or not they want to swipe you in the right direction.

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