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Our Guide to Choosing the Best Profile Picture for Your Online Dating Profile

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The online dating industry is growing bigger than ever, reducing interactions and first impressions from a one-time date to spending a few seconds browsing through a person’s profile. With people growing even more particular about who they choose to interact with, it is vital to ensure that your online profile is ready to attract every like-minded person that you’d like to meet.

There are several parts of an online dating profile that can be tweaked and enhanced to increase your chances of coming off as someone attractive in the eyes of a potential partner. One particular part that you should definitely pay extra attention to is your profile picture.

Just like having a great headline for a news article or a catchy tune in a song, having the right profile picture will help make the perfect first impression. The profile picture that you use can either win or lose someone’s attention.

The truth about choosing a profile picture

Each profile picture that you take, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t have to be a stunning or remarkable picture of yourself— in fact, having a profile picture that attracts goes beyond mere looks! According to a study conducted by OkCupid called “Your Looks and Your Inbox,” users prefer to message people that have interesting profile pictures the most. 

Sure, it may seem like a good idea to post a shirtless gym selfie or professionally photographed headshot, but you’re most likely going to be swiped left on for trying way too hard. As opposed to solely focusing on your looks with your profile picture, thinking outside of the box and taking a different approach to choosing an image that represents who you are can go a long way. 

Profile picture ideas to up your online dating game

If you’re looking to up your online dating game with the help of the profile picture that you’ll use on an online dating website, here are a few ideas that you should consider using: 

A picture of you being active or doing something that you love

The smart way to play the dating game properly is to have a profile picture that does two things—showing your appearance and saying more about what you’re interested in.

Having a profile picture that shows you being active or doing something that you love can tell anyone: “Hey, I’m a person of substance that’s definitely worth talking to—so don’t be afraid to swipe right and strike up a conversation!” Profile pictures that feature you doing a hobby or a special interest also show that you have your own thing going on, essentially ruling out the possibility of you being a liability to any extent. Picking a photo that shows you on a rock climbing trip, playing a game, or working on a car or wood cabinet will go a long way in presenting yourself as someone substantial. 

A picture of you with other people

Sometimes, having a dating profile that’s solely filled with pictures of yourself is considered as a red flag simply because it screams “narcissist” (even if you aren’t).

To avoid coming off as a self-obsessed freak, add one or two photos of you with your close friends enjoying different activities or just chilling out. It is worth noting, however, that every “buddy picture” doesn’t have to be picture-perfect—actually, a more natural one, such as a wacky or silly photo, leaves a better impression that speaks of how sociable you are. 

A picture of you with your pets

When people tell you that pets are the best pickup line, they’re not joking—especially when the majority of people that you’ll meet during your online dating stint will be animal people, more or less. 

Regardless of whether you have a dog, cat, or snake, etc., don’t be afraid to pick out the favorite picture that you have with them and set it as one of your profile pictures! Having a pet will tell anybody about how capable you are of taking someone else aside from yourself, which is a major turn-on for most people! 

As simple as it may be, paying a bit of attention to the profile pictures that you choose will go a long way in ensuring that you are trying your hand at the online dating scene won’t be an utter failure. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting any messages back or matching with anyone, take some time to re-evaluate your profile picture, change it, and try it all over again! 

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