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Our Guide to Always Looking Good in Photos – What to Know

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Most people are naturally photogenic. Even without much makeup or elegant clothing, they still look stunning. While you struggle, they don’t even need to try to make an effort. They are just naturally good at having beautiful photos.

Taking good photos means understanding why you look good or bad in a photo and knowing how to work with the camera. There are tricks you can use, and with sufficient knowledge of your angles and knowing what makes you look attractive, looking pretty in every photo will be an easy feat.

Below are five ways you can look good in every photo. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Study the photos of yourself

Determine what makes you look bad or good in a photo. Can you notice any difference in the photos when you looked your best and when you weren’t? Then, you can compare photos of other people, such as celebrities, models, or even your next-door neighbor, and understand why they look stunning. Some problems of an unpleasant photo may include:

  • Wrong angle
  • Poor lighting
  • Closed or squinted eyes
  • Imperfect smile
  • Blackheads or blemished skin
  • Wrong choice of clothing

2. Practice

A big aspect of looking good comes with feeling comfortable about yourself. Whether you are using your camera’s self-timer or posing in front of a mirror, the best way to find out what smile or angle works best for you is by practicing. Loosen your body up, smile your best, and pretend that someone is taking a photo of you. Other aspects of your practice should include the following:

  • Decide whether your left or right side looks better. Since the face is asymmetrical, it is normal that one side may look better than the other side.
  • Angle your body or tilt your head so that you will have an idea of how you should position yourself in front of a camera. For the most flattering poses, you need to turn 45 degrees.
  • Find the best hairstyle that is most suitable for your appearance. This will help identify which style looks better on you.

3. Smile

Nothing beats the beauty of a natural smile. A fake smile is always apparent in a photo, and it can make you look unappealing. Giving your best and most natural smile will always result in a stunning photograph. Below are several other aspects associated with smiling:

  • Show emotions in your photo to help give you that natural smile. If you are not feeling happy at the moment of the photograph, think of happy memories.
  • Be more engaging in your photos. A natural smile helps engage the eyes, which creates a connection with the viewer. Squint with your lower eyelids to give you that natural look.
  • To help you smile naturally, avoid a super-wide grin, and put the tip of your tongue behind your upper teeth.
  • Practice in front of a mirror and learn the difference between a fake smile and your natural smile.

4. Create a little mystery

Standing straight or looking directly into the camera is common in many photos. To create a sense of mystery, you can instead tilt your head or move your body slightly sideways. Doing so also gives your body a more relaxed and interesting shape.

5. Lighting

When taking photos, the lighting is very important. When the flash is not available, find a natural light source that shines on your face, not just on one side. Streetlights, lamps, doorways, or windows are all great light sources, producing nice soft lights to create attractive photos. Also, one hour before or after sunset usually creates soft light to produces stunning photos.

Confidence is the key to look in good every photo. Be proud of who you are and accept your uniqueness and features. Don’t think about your flaws, but focus on what makes you feel good. Showing that you are happy and giving that genuine smile in a photo can make a big difference in the final outcome.

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