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Online Dating Tips for Men and Women

I know we’ve all had a bad date at some point, which is why this video makes me laugh every time I watch it!

When I asked my good friends and dating experts “The Amazing Clarks” for some online dating tips for men and women they gave me this sage advice:

Be detached from the outcome.

That sounds counter-intuitive. We’re supposed to care about the results of a date. They could be life-changing, after all.

But it is a huge mistake to go into an online date with specific expectations — especially the need “to make a love connection.” It just ensures that you will have a disastrous online dating experience.

Of course, it is smart and necessary to expect that you will eventually make a love connection and meet “the one.” That mindset is vital if you want to attract the partner of your dreams. But the key, and in my opinion  one of the best online dating tips for men and women, is to remain

detached to the romantic outcome, to let that process unfold naturally. Don’t try to force it or rush destiny.

Take it easy in the same way that you let a friendship grow at its own pace.

If you go into your online dates thinking “this is going to be the one, this is going to be the one,” then you will put a huge amount of unwanted pressure on both you and your poor date. You will come off desperate, needy, or aggressive — none of which are attractive and will lead to a second or third date. And if you don’t feel an immediate connection you will be incredibly disappointed, you will shut down emotionally, and your entire date will be ruined.

Make the same mistake over a number of first dates you will eventually become bitter, traumatized and completely turned off by the entire online dating experience. When that happens, the odds of ever finding the person of your dreams drops dramatically.
Your only valid expectation…

Having fun should be the only expectation you should have when going into an online date —and only you are responsible for your fun. When you are detached from the romantic outcome of your dates, you will remove resistance and have a great online dating experience (and so will your date). You will even be able to attract your dream partner much faster and much easier than you ever imagined possible. Below are a few practical online dating tips for men and women that can really help:

Tips to help you remain detached to outcomes while online dating:

  • Remember that having fun is the only immediate expectation you should have when going into an online date.
  • Tell yourself that each person you meet adds something positive to your dating experience and helps to prepare you for “The One.”
  • Remind yourself that online dating is exciting, and appreciate every moment of being single. When the time is right you will be in a loving relationship.

Dating online? The most important thing you need to know…

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