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Online dating tips: 4 tips to know if a guy likes you?


It can make us feel uncomfortable and vulnerable when we feel attractive someone but aren’t sure if the feeling is a mutual one.

4 Simple tips

Here are 4 simple tips to know whether he’s interested in you…or not!

1. Body language

Body language IS the easiest “Tell” when it comes to understanding if a guy is attracted to you.

  • He leans towards you a lot, If he’s getting in your “Personal space’ then often this is a sign of major attraction invasion is a sign of major interest.
  • The direction of his hands, feet, legs, toes, etc. If they’re pointed toward you, it’s a indicator of his interest in you…also “Mirroring your actions” is a subconscious sign of Attraction so if If you notice him mirroring your body language then it’s likely that he finds you attractive.
  • Eye contact! If he looks at you a lot then he is likely to be attracted to you

2. Compliments

If he tells you you look nice then this is a good sign!

3. Give the guy a break!

One of the keys to find out if he’s interested in you is to help him relax! If he likes you and he’s nervous about getting the chance to get closer to you because he doesn’t want to “Blow the date” then you notice he’s talking too much so simply help him relax a little and allow the date to unfold naturally!

4. If you’re not sure

So what if you’re unsure?
Well you can ask him gently at the end of the date…did you enjoy our date? Most guys will let you know at this point if they did!

Some Good Advice

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