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New Dating Website ‘Jess Meet Ken’

“If I had a dollar for every time a woman told me that she had been approached by a creepy guy online, then I’d be a rich man”.

Many women
Many women feel overwhelmed when it comes to online dating as they get many unwanted emails from “Creeper-in-the-bushes-kind-of-guys” or men who are totally unsuited to them!
But it no longer has to be a challenge as recently a new Boston-based dating website are in the process of changing things!

Jess, Meet Ken,  launched last month, had the brilliant idea of putting the control of making and finding dates in the hands of women daters.

As easy as 1-2-3-4

The idea is super-simple-And its based on human nature! (remember your friend’s wife who tried to set you up with her girlfriends a few years ago?)

Step 1.
Women  log onto the JessMeetKen website through Facebook and select a man in their lives that they love and trust in a friendly way (And all the Facebook data stays private too)

Step 2.
Then they answer 10 questions about him-then fill out a short profile saying why he’s a catch. All the guy has to do is agree to take part.

Step 3.
When a woman sees a guys profile that your another woman has posted then the women take it from there, and message each other, ask questions and find out if the guy might be a good match.

Step 4.
If the women think it’s a good match then they can get in touch with the lucky guy!

Again the control is in the hands of the women so if a single woman finds a man that she’s interested in meeting or getting to know, she gets in touch with the woman who posted that guy.

All guys are vouched for and cannot post their own profiles

The site’s CEO and co-founder, Ken Deckinger told me  “All the guys on the website are vouched for and recommended by a woman.”

Women are more honest with each other about what’s attractive about the man and this definitely avoids the “Creepy guy vibe” as most creepy guys don’t have many women friends to vouch for them!…This is a HUGE plus in my opinion and I’m sure a lot of women will agree…I”ll say it again a HUGE plus for women

Men cannot post their own profiles….Women search the profiles and then reach out to the woman who posted their guy friend to make the connection.

All kinds of women can post guys!

and ANY women can post a man to JessMeetKen for other women to look at!
It could be a
Male friend or a Cousin or a Son or a Brother!


So How Did Jess meet Ken!

I like this site as it’s Founded by real people with real stories!
Ken knows that this kind of dating works-it’s how he met his wife Jess. Here’s how it happened:
Ken’s friend and Business partner Adele posted his profile on a dating site, adding his photo and a few words about why Ken was fabulous.
When Jess spotted Ken’s profile and asked Adele for more info Adele immediately spotted a match. She forwarded Ken Jess’s note with the subject line: “Holy S#*% it’s Your Wife.” He says 20 minutes into their first date they knew they were going to get married.

Definitely worth a try

Simply stated  I highly recommend signing up for this website., it’s a great idea from great people.
To visit JessMeetKen CLICK HERE

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