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NEVER forget that women LOVE flowers

Sometimes it’s simple old-fashioned advice that gets us good results! This post is simple so don’t over-think things!

Waste of money

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that most men consider buying flowers a waste of money
Guys Flowers are NEVER a waste of time, effort or money

Here are a couple of options for you…

Option 1.

If you really like her and know where she lives then have flowers delivered to her the day after a date…and have the card read “I really enjoyed spending time with you…You’re more beautiful than these flowers”.

Option 2.

If you don’t know where she lives than bring flowers to the second date


Flowers are NEVER a waste of money…Women loooove flowers…NEVER forget this and NEVER be afraid to give flowers… She’ll be happy when she looks at them and she’ll be thinking of you!

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