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Men without shirts in dating photos?

It starts with a question from an expert

I wanted to create this post to answer a question for a new friend of mine (Dating expert Karenna Alexander) for those of you who don’t know her check out her website at

We spent yesterday discussing the value of outstanding dating photos and she asked me:

“I think it would be great to get your perspective on men without shirts in photos because women are always complaining to me about it. They dislike men who post photos online of themselves without their shirts. It drives most of the women I coach crazy. They think it’s too much too soon. Plus, a lot of the guys are out of shape. Do you have any thoughts on that whole aspect of online dating? I think my readers would love to know what you think because not only are you a guy but you have photo expertise.”

If you’re in your 20’s please stop reading

Along with and other dating website, online dating giants OK cupid have done a LOT of research about dating photos.

I came across a very well written article online by OK Cupid called “The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures” and it interested me greatly as the author had diligently looked at 7000 dating photos, analyzed much data, and seemed to find that it was a good idea for guys to remove their shirts for online dating photos

Many people copied this article without reading it properly…But let’s be clear that they got this data mainly from people in their 20’s

Pretending you’re 20 when you’re 30 ,40, or 50 doesn’t work!

So remember that there’s a world of difference between dating in your twenties and thirties, forties and fifties!

To read further on my analysis of this article Click here

Just for fun

I thought it might be fun to google “Guys without shirts in dating photos” and then give you the first 10 random opinions I find out there! So here goes:

Guys without shirts dating advice 001


…guys, KEEP YOUR SHIRTS ON!!!!!! You make my eyes burn!

…Doubt I’d ever go out with one of those peacocks.

…DON’T F***ing DO IT!!!!!! This is probably the worst idea ever! Sure you may look like Vin Diesel or Brad Pitt or any other superstar that gets women moist, but I assure you this will get you very little on the site. I can’t tell you how many women have said this is a complete turnoff to them and makes you look like a giant bag of douche! If you absolutely want to show yourself off (I’m in great shape myself and like to show it off) try to make a picture where maybe you’re at the beach or something with some friends. You get the goal of what you’re aiming for and you don’t look like a jackass!

…Angel thinks they still coloring in color books, still on first page of Dick & Jane, Operating a fisher price camera and cant dress oneself…that’s what I think..

…Dudes, these are the kind of photos NOT to post on an online dating site.

…9 times out of 10, we laugh at shirtless pictures.  Think carefully before you include one.

…Let’s at least give the boys without their shirts points for full disclosure/transparency, but sometimes it’s these photos that can be the reason I move on to the next profile.

…Make us shudder and be so thankful we are single.

…The thing I dislike the most is a guy’s picture without a shirt

…But if your favorite pics are of a shirtless you, it’s a no from me

Shirtless Guys-An easy target

I enjoyed reading these comments, they made me laugh and it’s easy to make fun of guys who post shirtless photos.
But the real reasons that I think shirtless photos are for the following reasons

1. They show a lack of understanding of appropriateness in social settings

2. It’s NOT just about the numbers…even if shirtless photos got results (And they don’t) it’s NOT just the number of people you attract online but also the QUALITY of people you attract, and so far any of the women I’d like to spend time with would move on to the next profile

In Summary

I agree wholeheartedly with Karenna’s comment of “Too much too soon”

Do you know the data behind dating photos?

Did you know that Dating giants OK Cupid/ examined 11.4 million photos and found that people who post a certain
type of dating photo get 2-4 times better results?

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