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Los Angeles Dating Tips (A relaxed easy date that’s garanteed to impress)

Do you live in Los Angeles? and need some Los Angeles Dating tips? Well here’s an idea for an amazing date!

The Getty Villa

If your date likes museums or Art Galleries than this is a  perfect weekend venue for a date to remember!

What I like about this venue is that:

  • There’s plenty of parking space an its an easy place to find!
  • You can meet your date here for 30 minutes or spend longer if you like.
  • You can admire the beauty of the place and the focus is on the surroundings so it’s a relaxed date where you can have a good time and get to know each other slowly and let things unfold naturally (Rather than a pressure of a dinner date)
  • As you need to book tickets in advance you’ll show your date that you’re good at planning things and that they are special!
  • If you want to eat there’s a REALLY good cafe, that has excellent food at great prices.

Go to the Website

And reserve tickets…its not that difficult to do! And Tickets are FREE simply click HERE and then click on the GET FREE TICKETS LINK

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