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LookBetterOnline Book Review: “The Flirting bible” Fran Greene.

I’ve personally spoke to Fran Greene: She’s a delightful and authentic new Yorker, and she kindly offered to send me a copy of her book “The Flirting Bible”

I read the usual book blurb

“Nationally renowned relationship expert Fran Greene, former advice columnist for, will walk you through her thirteen tried-and-trusted techniques for becoming the most confident and attractive person in the room (no matter if you think you are or not!). You’ll learn how to…Bla bla bla.”

I was a little skeptical about how much value I’d find from this book, BOY was I wrong.

Fran really Knows her stuff and has presented her ideas with grace and simplicity in this book, the quality of this book is evident from the moment you start turning the pages and get to the first high quality photo!

The Flirting bible is a great book for reading body language, getting noticed and meeting people,

The Flirting bible is brilliant, easy to follow and most of all FUN to read, its colorful and FUN (Did I say fun twice, yes I did!)
Buy a copy and read it twice!

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    Online dating sucks. Unless you look like Justin Timberlake and have doalnd trumps wallet and the intelligence. It’s designed for women to have more options than men.


  • Giles



    Well Alexandr, even if you think Online dating sucks, there’s much value in Fran’s book!
    Also I personally know more than one person who aren’t isn’t as good looking as Justin Timberlake or as rich and smart as Donald Trump, yet has had a positive experience dating online and found real, lasting love, so keep looking and don’t give up-and I wish you the very best 🙂


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