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Leaving a Bad date!

This post begins with 2 stories (One for men and one for women) followed by the same advice

A woman’s perspective

When you met this guy online his profile photo looked like John Depp; When you met him you realized that his profile photo was twenty years old and now he won’t stop talking about how his ex-wife broke his heart into a million pieces. Plus he’s got really bad breath. You sit there not wanting to hurt his feelings, waiting for the date to end!

A man’s perspective

When you met this woman online she was hot! And the emails were great too! You spoke to her on the phone and all went well, but now you’re on a date you feel really awkward, She was so rude to the waiter you feel embarrassed and now you she’s on her 4th glass of wine and you’re beginning to wonder if she has a problem with the booze…as she talks incessantly you sit there not wanting to hurt her feelings, waiting for the date to end!

Just Leave

If your date is being outright rude or abusive, leave. You don’t have to give this person a reason just leave.

If you’re date’s not rude or abusive.
You have a couple of options. Firstly be honest or secondly make up some BS story!

With Dignity

Most people aren’t stupid and will know when you fake an Illness or tell them you’ve a friend who needs help, or have plans have changed last minute is….So While it can be difficult I prefer treating the other person with dignity and simply saying I’m happy to have met you, yet I don’t see a future together for us, and I wish you the very best

No-one can stop you from having a good time

If your date isn’t what – or who – you expected, then it’s not the end of the world. Practice being laid back (it’s probably just an hour!) If you’re eating, focus on the food or the restaurant and enjoy yourself, if you’re walking on the beach enjoy the view!
I’ve been on many dates and my attitude was…”I’m dressed up and going out and NO-ONE is going to stop me having a good time)

Don’t forget to laugh afterwards

Call up a friend so you can share the painful details of the date and hopefully laugh about it

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