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Interview with Top Dating Coach Karenna Alexander

I’m a believer

I’m a believer that to be successful with online dating that there are 3 simple steps to vastly improve your chance of success.

Step 1. Get great Photos…Otherwise No one will read your profile.

Step 2. Create a well written Profile and create more interest…so that people who like your photos will want to meet you.

Step 3. Have a strategy for dates and dating

So the first steps (getting great Photos and a well written profile) will improve the amount of people that you can date online, but you also need a strategy to enjoy the process of dating!

Dating Coaches

This is where dating coaches are of immense value, we have coaches for sports and business and life…so why not hire a coach who has experience in helping you find someone special!

Meet Coach Karenna

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dating Coach Karenna Alexander,

Karenna became a coach more than 10 years ago when she was trained by the authors of The Rules: Time Tested Secrets for For Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider; In Karenna’s words:

“They wrote a book that really respects the differences between men and women, and it totally struck a nerve with me and many other women. I wanted to know everything I could, so I took their course and wanted to share everything I know. It’s like a secret formula that works wonders.”

Karenna loves helping women date better and with self-esteem. This is her passion – she also told me:

“I do this 24 hours a day and not get bored. After learning these dating rules, my life totally changed. I weeded out timewasters and have better relationships, and I’m so happy to share what I learned

To find out more about Karenna click here

Questions for a Dating coach with over a decade of experience

I asked Karenna a couple of questions recently, Here are her expert answers:

Giles ( Any advice for single ladies over 40?

Karenna: Make sure you get out there, date online and go to events where you will meet single men. It’s harder to meet men naturally as you get older, so you have to go to singles venues and date online. You just have to be in it to win it and dating online is a big part of that these days.

Also, at this age, some women have seen their fair share of heartbreak and they become more guarded and even resigned to living alone. But I tell women not to give up. It only takes one. If you follow The Rules way of dating, which allows you to focus only on the guys who want you, you don’t waste time.

Giles ( What do most online daters don’t know that prevents them finding love online?

Karenna:Many online daters give up too soon. Some try it for a month and after a few bad dates, they shut down their account, thinking “Oh well, I gave it a shot. It doesn’t work.”
Some people meet the right one right away, but for others, it takes longer. Another important thing to remember about online dating is that initially your profile – and a big part of that is your photos –  is all the other person has to go on. So don’t be careless about your photo. You need a few really good ones ( a face and a body shot). I always recommend that my clients go to a professional photographer for photos. It’s worth it.

More advice on photos

Did you know that Dating giants OK Cupid/ examined 11.4 million photos and found that people who post a certain
type of dating photo get 2-4 times better results?

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