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How to Text Men – Easy Tips

I was watching the news and there was a story about using cell phones while driving! The story went on to say that 1.3 million accidents a year are caused by texting and driving! And that Over 18.5 billion text messages are sent each month, while I don’t know whether that fact is true or not I do know that these days almost everyone on the planet uses text messages.

Many people get completely confused when texting and dating

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Joann’s easy tips

So you’ve got the number of a cute guy and you’re wondering about how to text men.  Maybe you’re texted and found he disappeared and you wondered if you didn’t know how to text men.  Here are some simple ways to how to text and keep it fun and interesting.

Turn off auto-correct

Perhaps the first tip to give on texting  is to turn off auto-correct.  There are several websites dedicated to the troubles with auto-correct and you’ll see funny examples where the intended message of “We hope” was auto-corrected first to “We hop,” “We hopping,” “We home” and “Wawa skittletits”. So you will easily see auto-correct is often more trouble than its worth.  Once you’ve done that, or have decided to embrace the randomness it can bring, I’ve got some other tips on how to text men.
So you’ve meet a guy, he seems nice, and you want to text him to see where that leads.  The question is, then, just how do you get the texting started?

Start a conversation with a question

One of the better ways to get a conversation started is with a question, but one that requires an actual answer.  ”Hey how are you?” will net a “Fine” at best.  Try instead something about himself.  Ask something like “Did you do well at your softball game last weekend?” and he’ll be ready to text for hours.

To keep the conversation going, make sure you are as engaged in the conversation as you want him to be.  You would find it a little difficult to text someone who is only saying “yes,” “no,” and “LOL!” so make sure you aren’t doing that too.  You may, in fact, be “laughing out loud,” but add something on top of that.  That will help keep interest piqued.


Communication is a 2 way street!

Remember too that it’s not all about him.  You may start the conversation with a question about his interests, but he should want to know more about you as well.  When you are texting, not only are you making sure he knows your interested in him, but you’re also trying to make sure that you are interesting to him.  Talk about recent events in your life or mention something you are passionate about; this way he’ll know just what sort of person you are.


When it’s time to draw the text conversation to a close, actually draw it to a close.  Unlike a phone conversation, there’s no audible “hanging up” with texting.  It’s better to text something like “This is so much fun, but I have to go (somewhere), so I’ll text you again later.”  That way neither of you are staring at the phone thinking “Where did they go?!?” and you can actually go on with your lives.  Be specific for your reasons for leaving, by the way; it’ll give him a chance to have something ask you about.

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