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How to Maximize Your Photographer for Your Dating Profile Picture – What to Know

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Online dating photography plays around with a mix of portraiture, fashion, and art by blurring the lines between your best angles and your true personality. Your dating profile sets the first impression after all, so hiring a professional to take your portraits can make or mar the viewer’s perception.

In a time where modern online dating is changing the way people find love, online dating photography is now expanding its niche and slowly taking the spotlight. Posing and preparing for your dating profile, however, is not as straightforward as it seems. 

In spite of the growing confidence in women for showing their bodies and natural beauty, it still requires a skilled photographer to help put ladies at ease when posing in front of the camera for the first time. Acing your dating profile will take an open and a go-getter attitude. Fortunately, a bit of know-how will help you relax and make the most of your session with your photographer:

Tip #1:  Be Sure to Work with an Experienced Photographer

Before moving forward with the shoot brief, be sure to work with a photographer that has experience working on online dating photography as a full-time basis. While it works similarly to portraiture, online dating profiles aim to capture you in the most natural light.

It’s all about using your personality as the focal point, so you need a professional who can work with different styles so they can guide you in how to showcase your personality in one shot. A shift in lighting can also make a world of difference in highlighting your angles, so be sure to work with a photographer who knows the nine yards of online dating for your peace of mind. 

On another note, don’t forget to review the photographer’s portfolio and ensure that their style matches your taste. 

Tip #2: Let Loose and Do Your Research on Poses

While models often look effortlessly beautiful in photographs, take note that modeling for photoshoots is often physically intensive. The most natural-looking photos are also the ones that will put you in an uncomfortable spot but trust the directions of your photographer as their professional eye will know when to capture your best angles.

Speaking of poses, you can also add movement for a more dynamic look. Don’t forget to mind your legs as the wrong angle can add stiffness to your shots. When sitting down, it’s best to keep your knees away from the direct view of the lens as facing the camera head-on tend to make it look larger than it is. 

Tip #3: Prepare Your Wardrobe 

Online dating photography is all about making you look and feel good, so you don’t have to shed pounds or even layers of clothing to pull off a successful shoot. Preparing your ensemble and bringing clothes and other pieces that you are comfortable in will give the photographer the freedom to play around with different poses. 

With more room to change clothes and experiment with different angles, you can sit back and trust that you will look like the best version of yourself. Not to mention, sharing your wardrobe plans with your photographer will also help them provide tips on dressing for your body type.

In Conclusion

The tips above should help you prepare for your upcoming online dating profile photography, but keep in mind that it’s all about celebrating your natural beauty. Think of a word that defines exactly how you want to look and feel with the photos – be it gorgeous, sexy, sultry, or glamorous, and channel it onto your movements or expressions. 

If you’re looking for an online dating profile photographer, get in touch with us to see how we can help. 

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