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How to Choose Online dating photos

We like to think that when dating online, daters are spoilt for choice. With so many singles available, the toughest decision you should have to make is who to write to first.

That might well be your toughest decision, but it won’t be your first. To make the most of the opportunities on your dating site you will need great online dating photos (this is key). For many people, that means scouring through their hard drive and picking out the pictures that show them at their best. But how do you choose a photo that wins looks, emails and dates? Here’s what you should consider as you’re digging through your pictures folder.

Are your features clear?

Most photographs are taken to record a moment but a profile photo should be a record of you. “We should be able to see your eyes, your features and definitely your smile,” says Merav Knafo, co-founder of, a service that matches online singles with professional photographers. “Good online dating photos don’t just show what you look like, they reveal who you are.”

Are there any distractions?

Relationships are all about give-and-take but when you’re looking for the right partner for that relationship, you have to put your needs and yourself first. That means uploading a photograph that’s all about you – a picture which gives you the limelight and wins attention. As you’re doing the choosing, put aside any pictures in which the background, the foreground or your friends distract from what’s really important: you.

What does your expression say?

Every relationship starts with a look but it’s the type of look you give that determines whether the person you’re admiring looks back at you or overlooks you. Match a glance with a smile and you’re in with a shout. Combine your wink with a frown and you’ll look like someone to avoid.

That’s just as true of your photos as it is of the unspoken communication that happens at parties. “One of the questions that we always ask our photographers is what they do to help our clients relax,” explains Merav. “Your photo should create the impression that time with you will be fun. That can only come with an expression that suggests you’re happy and at ease.”

Are your Online dating photos good… or convenient?

Just about everyone today has pictures of themselves on their hard drive so uploading something rarely takes a great deal of effort. But a little extra work at this stage of your search can take you a long way. Just as you’d invest time in getting ready for a date, so it’s worth skipping the convenience of a photo you have available for a photo created specifically for dating.

You might have to do a little more than open your photos folder but the result could be less time looking for a date and more dates with the sort of people you’re looking for.

And remember that having great online dating photos is the single most important thing you can do when dating online, so visit LookBetterOnline and find out why more than 98% of our customers get better dates, and see how we can help make your online dating experience successful and more fun than you thought possible!

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Dean Shanson

Dean Shanson

Dean Shanson is a New York Times best-selling ghostwriter who specializes in online dating. He has written dozens of articles about relationships, asked Mars/Venus author, John Gray, how his ideas apply to cyberdaters, discussed online dating with Kosher Sex author, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and been called “a brilliant dog!” by Elle magazine’s advice columnist, E. Jean Carroll. He has also helped more than 500 online singles produce dating site profiles that are humorous, interesting, persuasive and appealing. Dean is committed to helping serious online loveseekers find the life-partners they’re looking for. His experience, objectivity and eye for detail can turn any profile into an engaging text that turns your best qualities into fantastic, lifetime opportunities.

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