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How to Catch a Catfish Online Dating Scam

The term Catfishing used to mean going fishing for a particular, bottom feeder with no scales. Now, in the digital revolution, it means setting up a fake, online profile to trick an unsuspecting person into a relationship. Many people catfish simply because they’re lonely but some people use the scam to get their victims to send them large sums of money.

How to protect yourself online

Nearly a quarter of all relationships begin online these days and it’s more convenient to meet people from the privacy of your living room than it is to go out to a crowded bar or night club. Unfortunately, this practice leaves you vulnerable to the Catfishing scam. Fortunately, there are a few ways to avoid being scammed.

Meet in person

First off, you should only start a relationship with people in your area. This way you can request to meet in person and if the other party persistently refuses, it should raise a red flag in your head. Another way to catch a Catfish is by requesting a session on Skype. This is the best alternative to actually meeting face-to-face and if the person you’re talking to refuses to Skype with you, they’re probably not the person in the pictures on their profile.

If the other party is refusing

You may already be emotionally involved with the other party and you feel they’re being honest but you have to think with your head and not your heart. If the other party is refusing to let you see them face-to-face then you’re more than likely dealing with a catfish and it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. Give the other party an ultimatum and let them know that you doubt they’re the person on their profile pictures. If they still refuse to meet or Skype with you, be strong and move on. It may be difficult initially but you’ll probably save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run.

An InfoGraphic to put things in perspective

Sandra from kindly sent me this infographic on the phenomena of “Catfishing” I thought I’d share it with you to help you learn more about catfishing and Protect yourself.
To put things into perspective lots of people find love (Online dating is responsible for 120,000 marriages a year) so remember to follow these simple rules and you’ll have a better experience online.


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    It is unfortunate that social media can feel unsafe and untrustworthy. Especially now with the recent rise of a new technological visual tool called Deep Fakes, online trust is being tested more than ever. As stated by Tech Tank “Deep Fakes are videos that have been constructed to make a person appear to say or do something that they never said or did” (Villasenor 2019). Technology has improved to the point where video proof isn’t always an accurate source. So, what does this mean for catfishers? It essentially improves the game for them and allows them to string on a victim even longer. People have referred to videos as a way of knowing if a person is truly who they say they are online, but now with this manipulation of the truth becoming more available, a video could be as equivalent as a photo. However, there are still a few ways of determining if the person on the screen is real or fake. One, check the profile out and see how many photos they have and how long the account has been active. Two, search the name of the person on other social media platforms, they might not have multiple accounts but usually it is safe to assume that most people in this digital decade have more than one social media platform. The internet is becoming more and more complex, now that truth and reality are becoming harder to distinguish. Catfishing is a serious threating matter online and awareness needs to be taken more into account.


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