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First Date Secrets that Professional Photographers Have Known for Years

What secret have professional photographers known for years that will help you on a first date?

(Don’t bother actually asking a professional photographer this. He or she would just raise an eyebrow, keep their eye on the model and ask why you think they know any secrets to dating.)
But they do know a secret. It’s a secret so obvious that even professional photographers forget they know it!

Professional photographers know that you need to look good on a first date. Shhhhh, now don’t be telling everyone!

It sounds obvious, right? In fact, you’re probably thinking: “Hey, I know that!”

Well, maybe you do. But a lot of people — apparently — don’t. (And if you know one of them, then forward them a link to this blog. They need it!)

It’s obvious, sure. And yet, so many people miss it.

Remember, looking your best doesn’t end with a good profile pic! It’s essential on the date too.

Here are some tips that our professional photographers have given us to help people look good on a photo shoot. They apply for first dates too.

For men:

  • A dark blue or black dress shirt will usually work great.
  • Wearing a tie and a suit can be a bit much. Keep it dressy but casual.
  • No Hawaiian shirts.
  • No tight shirts unless you know for sure and have multiple female friends who agree that you look smoking hot in a tight shirt.
  • No busy, crazy patterns.

For women:

  • Dress sexy but not skanky.
  • Don’t show too much skin.
  • Avoid dress shirts—they make you look too “professional” and not “fun.”
  • No big or busy patterns.
  • Soft, dark V-necks look great.

Black always works; white hardly ever does.

Making the effort to look good is important. At the very least, it sends the message to your date they’re important. At the most, it makes the date important.

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    So simple n brief professional should know, most important things need to know, Thankyou Gile for great post…..


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    Thanks for the nice words, let me know if there’s any dating subjects you’d like me to write or comment on! Warm regards Giles


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