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Facts You DONT WANT to know when dating (But need to know)


Imagine walking into a room full of friendly people, there’s a great crowd, everyone’s smiling and you feel like this is a great place to find that someone special and start dating…

Now imagine that for each 3 people that 1 of them has a disease that could harm you.

While that might seem like an extreme situation According to US government Center for disease control….110 million people in the USA have an STD…

110,000,000….A number to blow your mind

If this number still hasn’t sunk in yet..imagine EVERYONE living is California, Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania all having an STD….Does that put things in perspective for you! For me this number blows my mind just thinking about it!

This is a Fact You DONT WANT to know when dating (But need to know)

What you do as a result of knowing this information is a personal decision! I think anyone with a little common sense will think about this number? How will it affect the way you date? Whats the smart way to date? PLEASE if you have ANY feedback then leave me a comment at the end of this article!

One way of dealing with this information is to get tested yourself prior to dating and prior to having any intimate relations with anyone to see if they were tested! I know that this is the least romantic subject ever discussed, but sometimes we need to think smart and balance heart and head. You could ask that someone special discreetly to go to their doctor and get checked OR there’s another option…

Meet MateSafe

In response to these staggering figures comes a new business called “MateSafe” In their own words here’s how they describe themselves:

“MateSafe allows users to establish a Medically Verified Online Health Credential that they can control and share across various Dating and Technology platforms”

The concept

You Join Matesafe, get STD tested and can provide dates with this information that  you shows a level of personal responsibility that attracts others, and demands a higher level of safety. With a variety of safety measures, potential dates will feel confident that they chose someone who truly MatesSafe.

m8safe 001Click on the image below to see a MateSafe Video
m8safe youtube

To learn about Matesafe click HERE

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