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Don’t take Online Dating too seriously

Don’t lose the fun

I agree that it’s important to find someone special to spend your time with.But waaaaay to often I see people who are so serious about online dating that the fun of it has gone!

In the spirit of light-heartedness

Sometimes you just have to laugh about online dating, here is an image and a few lines to hopefully make you laugh and see the lighter side of life…enjoy!

I recently decided to sign up with an online dating websites.

To preserve my privacy I signed up using a fake name.
I then went on to enter the description of the woman I was looking for and to my luck, I was instantly given a perfect match.
We got talking and after a few weeks decided to go on a date. I arrived early at the restaurant and sat down eager in anticipation to meet the woman who seemed just too good to be true.
I was nervously playing with the silverware when I see my own mother stroll through the door.
Obviously, I didn’t want my date to arrive to see me chatting away with my mother so I quickly took a dive to the bathroom.
As I watched through the keyhole, to my horror – she takes a seat at my reserved table and a whole hour passes before she leaves.
I guess it’s just lucky my date didn’t show up, that could have been awkward.


Something Serious to read!

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