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Dating Tips: Focus + Action = Law of attraction?

Many of us reach a point in our lives when, time is very important to us and we want to find someone special to spend it with.

Tough or easy?

Dating can be tough or easy!

A horseshoe magnet over a white backgroundAs we get older we might have been through a more than one failed relationship and many of us wonder whether it’s even worth the bother to be back in the dating game.
At least we think that until we see lovers on the street, or it’s a Friday night in front of the television and we dream about meeting someone special.

I firmly believe that finding love is possible for most of us if we’re willing to take the time to prepare for it!


I believe in very practical terms that we, for the most part we get what we focus on and that:

1. If we don’t believe that we’ll ever find someone special for us, then, guess what? We will probably be right, we’ll give up looking and we most likely won’t find that someone special.

2.If we believe that we can find love, then we’ll be way more open to finding love and way more likely to find it!

Make it happen

Sitting back and waiting for something to happen just by focus alone might take a little longer than going out and making it happen!

I firmly believe that life favors action!

Action is

1. Deciding that you can have lovedating and law of attraction

2. Putting yourself out there and letting life lead us to someone special

So think about what your perfect partner would look like and then go out and meet new people and join groups and go to social events and let life lead you to someone who’s loving and right for you!

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