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Dating success and your Profile Picture.

I asked dating experts (and good friends) “The Amazing Clarks” for the best advice to give people who date online.

Get great photos

They told me; “Take the time to get great photos”.

Now as CEO of a company that specializes in creating a profile picture for each of my customers that delivers results, that was music to my ears.

Top dating coaches have known for years that the most important part of a dating profile by far is the photo.
Here’s the way I see things:

People are busy. They want to see you. They want to see the face of the person that they might be waking up next to for the rest of their life.

If they see a photo that is blurred, dated, or difficult to make out they will simply pass you by. And you know it’s true. How long do you spend looking at each profile picture thumbnail?

dating site behaviour

The first thing that most people do when they reach a dating site is browse the photos. It’s faster than trying to read through a thousand descriptions — most of which, frankly, sound the same. It’s also more fun and while a good profile picture of an attractive face will make up for a dull description, a great description has to work a lot harder to compensate for a blurry profile picture or an expression that can sour milk.

If you’re serious about ending being single, you’re going to need an excellent profile picture that shows you at your best.

Dating sites contain the largest number of eligible singles that you can find anywhere in the world. If there’s one time it’s worth putting in the effort to create a good appearance, this is it.
Think of it this way: if you were invited to a party and told that everyone you meet there will be single, that many of them—hundreds of them in fact — will be good-looking, smart and have everything you’re looking for, wouldn’t you make sure that you turned up looking your best? You might even buy a new suit, treat yourself to a trip to the hairdresser. You’d certainly shower. You’d make the investment.

That’s the difference between people who meet their life-partners on the Web and people who just keep looking.
Unless your vacation snaps were taken by a professional photographer, or unless you’re a model with a book full of headshots, you can probably forget about using any of the profile pictures you’ve already got on your computer or which were taken by your digital camera. They’re just not going to cut it.

The best way you’re going to get your profile working for you in the fastest time possible is to get some truly great pictures taken.

Sure, that will involve an expense but who said that dating is free?

Don’t spend a fortune on subscriptions because your photos let you down

Dating does cost money, and it’s worth it. That’s why you agreed to pay a monthly subscription to a dating site and that’s why you’re prepared to give up your evenings to write emails to strangers.

If you really do want to meet someone new sooner rather than later it pays to put a professional profile picture on your profile. And it pays, too, to create the energy you want to convey in your profile picture by having them taken by someone who takes their time. You want someone that can capture that twinkle in your eye or coax that million dollar smile out of you during the shoot.

People can feel your energy and intentions through your photos, so make this a priority. Remember your online profile picture is your calling card so don’t cut corners…do it right. We promise that it will pay off. Below are a few tips that can help.

Tips that will help you take great online dating photos…

  • Imagine yourself being seen by your dream person. Convey the message you want to send to them through your eyes and smile.
  • Show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to have the love you want and deserve.
  • Don’t go for a quick easy drug store photo fix; rushed photo sessions just don’t do the job.
  • Make sure your photographer will spend at least 40-60 minutes on your photo-shoot. Don’t accept less and invest your time and energy into putting your best look forward.

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    Thanks for the tips Giles! Its so important to take the time to do things right !


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