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Dating photos at Marina Del Rey, California

Many of you know that I’m a HUGE fan of “on location” dating photos. And if you live in Southern California I highly recommend Marina Del Rey as a great place to get your dating photos donefor 2 reasons!

Reason 1.

With beautiful waterfront views and a relaxed vibe i’s an amazing location to get your profile photos done  (And it’s close to LAX and Los Angeles too)

Reason 2.

The second reason is because we have our outstanding photographer Adjanys who’s based in Marina Del Rey to get you amazing dating profile photos.

Highly skilled & experienced

Adjanys is definitely a skilled and experienced photographer. She took her 1st photography class at age 12. She admits that she never in a million years imagined photography would turn out to be her career (aren’t we lucky she didn’t pick another career) In her words

“I’m the oldest of 5 and you rarely find photos of my family with me in it, because I was the one taking the photos or videos. I remember my brothers I and making home movies, with my 5 year old sister Adalys as the princess who needed rescuing, my brother Ivan was the hero, Dan was the sidekick, Daniel was the bad guy and I was filming. My parents loved traveling and having 5 kids, did not deter them at all, so from my early childhood I had a huge love for travel and a big thirst for new experiences.”

A great combination

Adjanys has the great combination of outstanding photos skills…and a gentle personality to help people relax and get great photos!

Think about this!

Having great online dating profile photos  (Taken in a specific way) Is the most important thing you can do when dating online, To Book a session with Adjanys simply CLICK HERE



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