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Dating after Divorce

dating after divorce memeBefore you jump back into dating, make sure that you feel OK (And by OK I mean that you are happy with who you are) If you go on dates expecting to find your happiness in others then things will likely be tough for you. (men and women are often left broke and sad after a divorce) and while I’m not saying don’t date until everything is perfect…just try not to date when emotionally you know you’re vulnerable or needy

Thinking that people are like your ex.

Trust can be difficult after you’ve been hurt by an ex-wife or ex-husband is difficult.
But trust is essential for a healthy relationship…if you don’t trust people then it will destroy your chance of finding someone new.
Take some tome to work through this and put the baggage down!

Don’t rush things!

So you’ve been single and you miss feeling someone’s arms around you..yet don’t rush into things. When you get back into the dating world, take things slowly, and don’t feel bad about dating at a slower pace……you need to be able to relax a little and be yourself…don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. And don’t worry about what anyone might think of you.

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