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Dating a different religion

Who Are you?

Are you Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Jew? And would you date someone of a different religion?

I was raised by a Christian father and an Atheist mother, and they managed to make their time together work perfectly

Problems appear

Yet many people wouldn’t date someone of a different faith….They say that while it’s easy to date someone that problems will appear when the relationship gets serious.(In-laws can be challenging in normal relationships, but imagine having in-laws with different religious beliefs )

Some People

While I believe that interfaith dating does NOT work for some people, I think that for some special people that it can work perfectly…this article is for written for those people

Tips for Harmony

Here are some tips on making a relationship with someone of a different religion work:

1.Never make fun of their unique beliefs

So what if they don’t eat certain types of food, or wash their hands multiple times a day. NEVER speak poorly of someone else’s religion to them just because it’s different from yours, Show respect to all people.

2. Don’t push your beliefs

Again we’re talking mutual respect.

If you can’t do this then don’t even try dating anyone outside of your religion.
Now I’m not saying that you can’t discuss Religion, just remember that his is a subject that will cause many people to get very emotional, so discuss this deeper stuff in a non-judgmental way and kind way, I have a Christian friend whose wife was an atheist but who later converted to Christianity, when I asked her why she replied:

“When I first met Jake I saw such a wonderful person that I new I wanted to spend my life with him regardless of his religious beliefs, (I was originally very anti-religion), but he explained his beliefs in a kind and gentle way and while he told me that Jesus loved me when I asked,  he never pushed his beliefs on me. In time I wanted to understand him better and as we talked I realized that I really wasn’t anti-religion, I was just sick of people pushing their beliefs on me”

It’s OK to talk about religious beliefs, but ONLY if you’re BOTH willing to keep an open mind and not push.

3. Love and similarities

No one’s perfect…Stay focused on what’s right  about your partner… and look at the things you have in common.  Think BIG picture here, the fact that both of you want to experience a loving relationship. Love the other person for who they.

5. Don’t be influenced by others.

Don’t let other people’s ideas influence your relationship…If you love someone ask your loved ones to respect that decision.

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