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Color Tips for the Best Online Profile Picture – Our Guide

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When it comes to the online dating world, the competition to stand out can be intense, and you don’t want to be drowned along with hundreds of those “non-suitable profiles.” In a world where everyone has an opinion about other people, being critiqued and judged based on your online dating profile is not surprising. 

Sadly enough, life is unfair, and no matter how much the media argues about it, appearance does matter for an individual. When you are looking for a potential partner in the online dating world, posting a good profile photo makes a significant difference in finding one. What you wear on your online profile is also a factor that should not be taken for granted. 

Here is a brief rundown of what you should wear on your online profile picture to get more suitable matches:

  • The “seasonal classic” is where you set your profile photo (preferably the first one) based on the current season. For example, if it’s December, your photo should show something with a Christmas vibe.
  • The “cocktail cool” shows a bit of your formal-but-easygoing side. Think of this as the outfit that you use to go for a drink after work on a Friday.
  • The “attractive weekender” highlights your feminine/manly and cozy side. This photo should show what you would normally wear on the weekends while gallery-hopping, brunching, shopping, and any outdoor activity you would do on the weekend.

Apart from having a good profile photo that highlights your features and who you are, careful consideration of what color to wear could also improve your chances of matching with a suitable potential partner. When a person wears clothing they like, it promotes upbeat, positive, and healthy emotions and motivates him/her to act and poise as more approachable and sociable. 

If you are wondering what colors are more attractive and will help enhance your online profile picture, here are the top three colors you should consider:

1. Blue

According to studies, approximately 57 percent of men and 33 percent of women state that blue is their favorite color. This is because blue is mostly associated with high-quality, dependability, and security. Experts also say that blue helps to increase mental activity, so if you are expecting for a stimulating and engaging conversation, go for blue! 

Blue also indicates feelings of calm, tranquility, and relaxation. Another reason to wear blue on your profile picture is that according to fashion experts, it also signifies loyalty, which is something you would want to convey on your profile—a long-lasting relationship.

2. Black

Black is simple, but one that brings out a strong emotional reaction. Black inspires confidence and a strong personality, leading potential matches to perceive you as someone capable and trustworthy, often associated with appeal and intelligence. On a physical aspect, wearing black makes you look thinner, and it can also be paired with any other color or outfit.

3. Red

Although many people would stay away from wearing red in their profile photo, red actually has its own advantages. It is often deemed as the color passion and can have a physical effect on the person looking at your profile. It can create pulse, respiratory, and pressure increase. 

If you want to get your prospect’s attention and inspire appealing thoughts, then opt for red! However, unlike black, that makes you look thinner, keep in mind that red can actually make you appear bigger than in reality.

Know that while it’s important to choose the right color and outfit for a profile picture, pay attention as well to your overall look as well. If you are looking for a professional dating photographer to help you create an appealing online profile picture, get in touch with us today!

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