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Dating Parameters And The State Of Your Heart

A HUGE thanks to my Friend and Founder Merav for letting me share this excellent post that she created!

Dating Parameters And The State Of Your Heart

Lots of singles have a list of parameters they’d like to see in their future mate. The older you get, the longer the list and there’s nothing wrong with that. Experience teaches us what we want and what we don’t want in a mate.

The Pros and Cons of Dating a younger man

I want to start this post and tell you that dating someone who’s older can work…I’m a starry eyed believer that in the end All relationships are about appreciating the differences and embracing the similarities, how much you love someone and who they are that defines your relationship.

…Here’s a list of Pros and Cons to help you decide if he’s  the right one for you (notice how lack of experience is BOTH a Pro and a Con!)

The Pros

  • Lack of life experience means your guy is likely to be  baggage free
  • Dating someone younger keeps you young and there’s often  amazing sexual-compatibility (women and men hit their sexual primes at different times)
  • Be open to new experiences, he can  introduce you to new and fun things you hadn’t done with your older exes.

The Cons

  • Lack of life experience means your guy is immature
  • Different life goals? What will happen when he gets to be 30 and decides he wants kids and you’re too old to have them?
  • While you may be ready to run down the aisle he may not be ready for it, often a younger guy is developmentally in a totally different place

Don’t listen to others

People can be mean and make comments like  “Didn’t she rock the cradle and there’s the whole “cougar“ joke thing too.


If you are interested in the younger man for more than just a fling, you must choose well. Otherwise, you risk being in a relationships with somebody who asks:  “You mean there was a world before cell phones?’”

Despite the cons, there are couples that make it work. If you have similar values and goals and can look beyond the age and appreciate the qualities he may possess.  Just remember to listen to your heart, (and head ) communicate well and have fun.

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Book Review: Falling in Love with Me (Marcy Morrison)

One of the hidden benefits of outstanding dating profile photos is that people look at them and feel good about themselves-I love it when a customer looks at their photos and says “I Like me!

Feeling comfortable “In our own skin” is a REALLY great preface to having a good experience when dating.

Take a little time

When I came across this little book that Marcy wrote I was a little skeptical, I mean it’s just a few pages long and could be easily read in an afternoon. But when I met Marcy over a coffee here in San Diego I promised her that I would spend a little time working on the concepts in the book prior to reviewing it!

No Prejudices

I would urge anyone to put their logical mind “aside for a day” and read this with an open mind! And while some people may not believe in “Soulmates” or “The Universe” there is MUCH practical wisdom in this book, namely:

1-Let yourself Find out who you are
2-Open yourself to allow more of what you want in
3-Value and Appreciate and honor  Who you are every day
4-Enjoy and express you

And for the record great L.O.V.E acronym Marcy!

Size doesn’t matter.

Don’t be deceived by the size of this book too- it asks important Questions (one of the things I like about Marcy is her ability to ask BIG QUESTIONS so gently)

…..What would your life look like if it was working the way you want it to?
What do you need to shed that is no longer serving you?…

The Value

This book is of value because when we feel better about ourselves we have the potential to enjoy life more and enjoy the process of dating more too! (We become literally MORE ATTRACTIVE)

To order a copy CLICK HERE

Dating a different religion

Who Are you?

Are you Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Jew? And would you date someone of a different religion?

I was raised by a Christian father and an Atheist mother, and they managed to make their time together work perfectly

Problems appear

Yet many people wouldn’t date someone of a different faith….They say that while it’s easy to date someone that problems will appear when the relationship gets serious.(In-laws can be challenging in normal relationships, but imagine having in-laws with different religious beliefs )

Some People

While I believe that interfaith dating does NOT work for some people, I think that for some special people that it can work perfectly…this article is for written for those people

Tips for Harmony

Here are some tips on making a relationship with someone of a different religion work:

1.Never make fun of their unique beliefs

So what if they don’t eat certain types of food, or wash their hands multiple times a day. NEVER speak poorly of someone else’s religion to them just because it’s different from yours, Show respect to all people.

2. Don’t push your beliefs

Again we’re talking mutual respect.

If you can’t do this then don’t even try dating anyone outside of your religion.
Now I’m not saying that you can’t discuss Religion, just remember that his is a subject that will cause many people to get very emotional, so discuss this deeper stuff in a non-judgmental way and kind way, I have a Christian friend whose wife was an atheist but who later converted to Christianity, when I asked her why she replied:

“When I first met Jake I saw such a wonderful person that I new I wanted to spend my life with him regardless of his religious beliefs, (I was originally very anti-religion), but he explained his beliefs in a kind and gentle way and while he told me that Jesus loved me when I asked,  he never pushed his beliefs on me. In time I wanted to understand him better and as we talked I realized that I really wasn’t anti-religion, I was just sick of people pushing their beliefs on me”

It’s OK to talk about religious beliefs, but ONLY if you’re BOTH willing to keep an open mind and not push.

3. Love and similarities

No one’s perfect…Stay focused on what’s right  about your partner… and look at the things you have in common.  Think BIG picture here, the fact that both of you want to experience a loving relationship. Love the other person for who they.

5. Don’t be influenced by others.

Don’t let other people’s ideas influence your relationship…If you love someone ask your loved ones to respect that decision.

Some Good Advice

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3 Reasons to Date an older woman

I’d like to start this POST by saying that my Fiance is older than me!

3 Reasons

Less Drama
Most Younger women seem to have WAY more drama in their lives and many love the drama which can be exhausting.

Better sex
he most common reason younger men are attracted to older women. And rightly so! Its true that we get better the more we practice, greater experience means knowing more about what turns you and her on.

She’s most likely got her own life, her own career, her own friends, her own money and her own house, and she most likely know’s what she wants…And she probably doesn’t need the APPROVAL that many young women need (I’ve dated women who couldn’t agree on anything without checking in with multiple girl-friends. (It’s been said that when you date a young woman, you also date all her friends) a mature lady has friends—but she doesn’t need their permission to decide

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The Chemistry of Love…OxyTocin and Dating for women? (And Men)

..Whether you like Science or Psychology or not here’s some interesting information!

Love is a Chemical?

Do you think LOVE is just a chemical reaction? or is there more to this? or are we plain and simply directed by are hormones?

There’s a hormone called Oxytocin that’s (Often referred to as the “love molecule”, Oxytocin is linked with helping couples establish intimacy)

What does this mean to Daters?

What does this mean to us when we’re dating?

Imagine going on a date with a man who you really like.  Imagine a romantic date You feel great and this is due to the powerful hormone called Oxytocin.

As the date goes on, you feel a real connection with this guy and after the date you go back to your apartment and make out….now your Oxytocin levels are really high and this  which releases even more of this “bonding chemical”.  With all this Oxytocin circulating in your system, you fell so “right” and s connected!

Some people would say that Oxytocin just like a drug removes your rational thought process and before long in your mind you’ve convinced yourself that he is your perfect match and you barely even know him!  While you’re dreaming of your perfect  future together, he’s just thinking that this is great sex.

Is this the reason that many women share too much/bond too quickly and end up getting hurt?

Bonding with the wrong people

And what happens if you feel Bonded with someone who’s just NOT right for you? (Just about everyone I’ve ever met has experienced this)

Deep down, you know he’s wrong for you, but you’re addicted to this Oxyticin  ‘high’ and just like a drug addict, you  keep going back for more.

Rational Mind

Taking a step back and seeing if this person is right for you is a good strategy…when we know rationally that someone’s a good choice AND we feel a strong bond then we’ve found a good match, when there’s just passion then walk away! (No Matter How you feel!)

Think About This too!

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The Biology of love

I came across this TED talk about love.
Here’s some science about people who are in love. by Dr Helen Fischer
Anthropologist Helen Fisher studies gender differences and the evolution of human emotions. She’s best known as an expert on romantic love, and her beautifully penned books — including Anatomy of Love and Why We Love — lay bare the mysteries of our most treasured emotion.
dating tips

NEVER forget that women LOVE flowers

Sometimes it’s simple old-fashioned advice that gets us good results! This post is simple so don’t over-think things!

Waste of money

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that most men consider buying flowers a waste of money
Guys Flowers are NEVER a waste of time, effort or money

Here are a couple of options for you…

Option 1.

If you really like her and know where she lives then have flowers delivered to her the day after a date…and have the card read “I really enjoyed spending time with you…You’re more beautiful than these flowers”.

Option 2.

If you don’t know where she lives than bring flowers to the second date


Flowers are NEVER a waste of money…Women loooove flowers…NEVER forget this and NEVER be afraid to give flowers… She’ll be happy when she looks at them and she’ll be thinking of you!

Think About This too!

Before you get a date you need to attract someone special!
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