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Men without shirts in dating photos?

It starts with a question from an expert

I wanted to create this post to answer a question for a new friend of mine (Dating expert Karenna Alexander) for those of you who don’t know her check out her website at

We spent yesterday discussing the value of outstanding dating photos and she asked me:

“I think it would be great to get your perspective on men without shirts in photos because women are always complaining to me about it. They dislike men who post photos online of themselves without their shirts. It drives most of the women I coach crazy. They think it’s too much too soon. Plus, a lot of the guys are out of shape. Do you have any thoughts on that whole aspect of online dating? I think my readers would love to know what you think because not only are you a guy but you have photo expertise.”

If you’re in your 20’s please stop reading

Along with and other dating website, online dating giants OK cupid have done a LOT of research about dating photos.

I came across a very well written article online by OK Cupid called “The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures” and it interested me greatly as the author had diligently looked at 7000 dating photos, analyzed much data, and seemed to find that it was a good idea for guys to remove their shirts for online dating photos

Many people copied this article without reading it properly…But let’s be clear that they got this data mainly from people in their 20’s

Pretending you’re 20 when you’re 30 ,40, or 50 doesn’t work!

So remember that there’s a world of difference between dating in your twenties and thirties, forties and fifties!

To read further on my analysis of this article Click here

Just for fun

I thought it might be fun to google “Guys without shirts in dating photos” and then give you the first 10 random opinions I find out there! So here goes:

Guys without shirts dating advice 001


…guys, KEEP YOUR SHIRTS ON!!!!!! You make my eyes burn!

…Doubt I’d ever go out with one of those peacocks.

…DON’T F***ing DO IT!!!!!! This is probably the worst idea ever! Sure you may look like Vin Diesel or Brad Pitt or any other superstar that gets women moist, but I assure you this will get you very little on the site. I can’t tell you how many women have said this is a complete turnoff to them and makes you look like a giant bag of douche! If you absolutely want to show yourself off (I’m in great shape myself and like to show it off) try to make a picture where maybe you’re at the beach or something with some friends. You get the goal of what you’re aiming for and you don’t look like a jackass!

…Angel thinks they still coloring in color books, still on first page of Dick & Jane, Operating a fisher price camera and cant dress oneself…that’s what I think..

…Dudes, these are the kind of photos NOT to post on an online dating site.

…9 times out of 10, we laugh at shirtless pictures.  Think carefully before you include one.

…Let’s at least give the boys without their shirts points for full disclosure/transparency, but sometimes it’s these photos that can be the reason I move on to the next profile.

…Make us shudder and be so thankful we are single.

…The thing I dislike the most is a guy’s picture without a shirt

…But if your favorite pics are of a shirtless you, it’s a no from me

Shirtless Guys-An easy target

I enjoyed reading these comments, they made me laugh and it’s easy to make fun of guys who post shirtless photos.
But the real reasons that I think shirtless photos are for the following reasons

1. They show a lack of understanding of appropriateness in social settings

2. It’s NOT just about the numbers…even if shirtless photos got results (And they don’t) it’s NOT just the number of people you attract online but also the QUALITY of people you attract, and so far any of the women I’d like to spend time with would move on to the next profile

In Summary

I agree wholeheartedly with Karenna’s comment of “Too much too soon”

Do you know the data behind dating photos?

Did you know that Dating giants OK Cupid/ examined 11.4 million photos and found that people who post a certain
type of dating photo get 2-4 times better results?

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Spotlight on Top Miami Beach Photographer Susan

Highly experienced & Passionate about Photography

Susan has been shooting for about fourteen years and discovered her passion in headshots, when I asked her why she loves portrait photography she told me:

“What I love most about portrait photography is seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they see their photos and are thrilled with the images. Right from the start I always hear, I’m just not photogenic. I never take a good photo, never. Everyone says it. I always smile and think well that’s about to change. There’s always something wonderful that happens when I look through the lens, it’s perfect. I see the perfect shot. And, people are pretty much amazed at their results”

The ability to help people relax

This isn’t a skill that every photographer has, Susan has the ability to connect with people, get them outstanding profile photos and help them enjoy the process; Here’s what she says about helping people relax

“I chat them up right away reminding them that we’re there to have fun. In no time we’re laughing and having a great time. We talk about the photos we see on the various dating websites and they always say they would like something not at all like that but more natural looking and not so posed. So I ask them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new and remind them that if they don’t like it, they don’t have to pick it as we’re going to be shooting a bunch more.”

When I look through the lens, I see beauty,” she says. “Now when I look at a person, I start taking pictures in my head and know just how to bring out the best in anyone.”

Advice for people thinking about booking a session

In Susan’s words:

“Just do it! Miami was voted the city with the most beautiful people. This is not your mom or your best buddy taking a couple of snapshots of you and hoping to get something you might be able to “live with” this is so much more.  We are trained to capture your best features and know the best way to accomplish that. We plan everything in advance so we get the shots you want that have that “WOW” factor. Your job is to bring your best smile.

We are going to have tons of fun, laughs and get some great photos of you in the process”

To book your own photo-session with Susan

Spotlight on Top Fort Collins Photographer Richard

Meet Richard

I’m glad that Richard’s on my team of hand-picked photographer every time I look at his photos! He’s definitely one of the most creative photographers who’s mastered more styles of photography than anyone else I know.

Now native to Colorado, Richard was born and raised to first generation Italians in Brooklyn, New York. Along with photography he loves family, wonderful friends, natural and organic foods, great wines and he’s an avid cook too!

So how does Richard create amazing photos of the highest quality and style? The answer is a combination of passion and experience! (He’s spent literally thousands of hours behind a camera!)

Highly experienced with the gift of Connection!

There are few photographers with Richard’s photo experience! One of the reasons I think Richard takes such breathtaking photos is that he has the abiluty to really connect with people; In Richard’s words:

“Befriend each person. Respect each person’s place in their process because it can be incredibly difficult to put oneself out in this manner. Understanding vulnerabilities is important!

Richard’s  Outstanding photos

To book your own photo-session with Richard CLICK HERE

Spotlight on Top Minneapolis/St Paul Photographer David

Meet David

I’m grateful that David’s on my team of hand-picked photographers every time I look at his photos! Simply stated they are masterful.

So how does David create amazing photos of the highest quality and style? The answer is a combination of passion and experience! (He’s spent literally thousands of hours getting to know “ins and outs” of the perfect photo)

Highly experienced and humble

There aren’t many photographers with David’s photo experience! In David’s words

“I’ve been a photographer for 38 years. I started back in high school on theyearbook and newspaper staffs after watching my mother develop prints in her darkroom at my grandmother’s house. We brought her equipment over and she showed me what to do . . . the rest kind of took off from there. I’m an active member in professional photographic organizations, so my education continues on a daily basis. There’s always a new technique to learn or skill to refine and doing that keeps making me better at what I do”

Questions for the “Master Photographer”

I asked David to tell me a little about How he helps people just like you relax in front of the camera, His answer:

“Portrait photography is not only about my ability to light and pose people in a flattering manner, but also about showing a little about them that words can’t always describe. How I make them feel in front of the camera is often as important as how they look in the resulting images.

We’re going to talk; I need to find out a little about my subjects before I simply plop them into a pose and begin photographing. They learn what to expect during the session and that I want to capture them looking their best, so some of the poses we do may feel funny or awkward, but will
definitely make them look good from where I’m standing. I joke with people and like to keep them talking. It’s almost like a “first date” for us, too”.

A word from David’s Customers.

“David was excellent. Very professional and personable. And he has that artistic eye that puts him far above most commercial photographers. I enjoyed working with him and I would work with him again.” –Jeff

“David was professional and skilled. His many years of experience and engaging personality made my photo shoot pleasant and memorable. If asked, I would recommend him highly.”-Gary

To book your own photo-session with David CLICK HERE

Spotlight on top Durham & Raleigh (North Carolina) Photographer

Meet Shawn

Every time I see Photos that Shawn takes for customers I smile, her work is amazing!

Very Experienced & “Natural, Non-posed”

Shawn is a HIGHLY experienced photographer, she graduated Salem University with a bachelors degree in art and photography and also graduated New England School of Photography in Boston.

…Since then she’s spent thousands of hours behind a camera perfecting her art!

“On Location” Photo-sessions.

Shawn  loves “on location” photo-sessions with natural backgrounds to help her customers relax. Some of the best and most effective backgrounds are very simple-like a park or a sidewalk, with the RIGHT photographer these types of setting get the BEST results when online dating!

What Shawn’s customers are saying

“Shawn is a great. She provided me with some really wonderful portraits to use for both online dating and for my professional profiles on the web. Shawn is friendly and made me feel at ease. This was especially nice as we were in an outdoor setting with people going by. The relaxed feel shows in my portraits. I love the photos she took of me and have gotten lots of compliments on them. I highly recommend her and would use her again.”-Dawn

Think about this!

Having great online dating profile photos (Taken in a specific way) is the most important thing you can do when dating online, To Book a session with Shawn simply CLICK HERE

Spotlight on Top Denver (Englewood) Photographer David

Meet David

A 40 Year Journey

There aren’t many people with 40 years of photo experience! (David is a full time professional photographer with over 40 years of experience). He specializes in people photography including everything from actor headshots to family portraits!

A word from David’s Customers.

“David was wonderful to work with. He took the time to find out what I wanted and to make sure that I was happy with the pictures. I am thrilled with how my pictures turned out. I would highly recommend him to anyone. “-Melinda

“David was awesome! He’s very easy-going, professional and helped me to relax into the session. He did a great job capturing my personality in the photos and I couldn’t be happier with the photos he took. I would highly recommend him.”-Carrie

David’s Studio:

In David’s words:

“Inside the studio, I have a room with large windows with beautiful natural light. It”s a great setup for creating natural looking photos without studio light. (Many of my sample photos were shot in that room.) The studio is in a quiet business park with private parking directly in front. In addition to the studio, I do outdoor photos just outside the studio without having tons of pedestrians walking by or standing around.

This is my private commercial studio and there is no walk-in traffic to interrupt your shoot. It”s not shared with any other photographers so you don”t have to worry about walk-in traffic or other people milling around during your photo session”.

To book your own photo-session with David CLICK HERE

What people are saying about Top Boston Photographer Aiden

Meet Aiden

I’m grateful that Aiden’s on my team on hand-picked photographer every time I look at his photos! Simply stated they are masterful.

Meet Aiden

So how does a young guy like Aiden create photos on the quality that many photographers who’ve been in the business for decades can’t match in terms of quality and style.
The answer in that Aiden’s has been self-taught rigorously, spent thousands of hours getting to know in and outs of professional photography equipment, has experimented in various photo techniques, and most importantly developed a creative eye that defines who he is as a photographer.

A Journey

I was interested in how Aiden decided to become a photographer; His Authentic answer makes me smile:

“I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Delaware. I came to Boston to attend a music school with some mad hope of becoming a rockstar. Along the way, something happened. I discovered the art of photography. I chose photography and photography chose me. Following my passion keeps my heart beating. I do what I love and I do it well. (hope you will think so too!) Above all, I can be true to myself and put my heart in it.”

A word from Aiden’s Customers.

“Aiden was very professional and EASY to work with. I could tell that he takes his work VERY seriously. “-PAMELA

“Aiden put me at ease straight away and did a great job of putting together so many varied shots from different angles and bringing out the most photogenic in me. Very happy with the results!”-VIVIENNE

To book your own photo-session with Aiden CLICK HERE

Dating Profile Photo Tips: (Before taking Dating Profile Photos)

I’m amazed at how much money people (women especially) spend on hair and clothes in preparation for getting great profile photos only to turn up at the online dating photographer’s looking tired or stressed!

A good online dating photographer

Will tell you to get a good night’s sleep the night before the photo session. (Avoid partying that night; alcohol and cigarette smoke, even second hand smoke, can make eyes look red and puffy). Smokers should hold off immediately before the shoot; cigarettes deprive the skin of oxygen and make it look gray.

Avoid wearing sunglasses for a couple of hours before the shoot; they leave marks on the bridge of the nose

No Experiments

Don’t experiment with skin treatments the night before the photo session, though. The last thing you want is a skin irritation or allergic reaction.

On the day of the shoot itself, (If you’ve chosen to hire an online dating photographer) you should know how to reach the location, relaxed and with plenty of time to spare…turning up late and stressed will give you awful photos

Just show up and enjoy

And don’t forget, with the right online dating photographer your job is just to show up. You’re not required or expected to know any modeling poses or to present your best angle. If you are fretting over real or imagined flaws and how they will look on camera, a good photographer can work around those concerns during the shoot.

Some Good Advice

Whether you are 25 or 95 Having great online dating photos is the single most important thing you can do when dating online, so visit LookBetterOnline and find out why more than 98% of our customers get better dates; See how our great dating photographers who create profile pictures we can help make your online dating experience successful and more fun than you thought possible!

Should you smile in Dating profile photos? (Advice from dating photographers)

It begins with a question

I asked several of my online dating photographers the question “Should you smile for dating photos”? and while I felt that most dating photographers would answer “YES” I wanted to look at this subject in just a little more detail

If you’re male and under 30 years old then please ignore this article, (As there’s evidence that looking away from the Camera may get you more attention online! for more about this see my Blog post Click Here)

For the rest of us

If you are over 30 then when you visit a dating photographer smiling for the camera is probably a good idea, but not all smiles are created equal.

There are the natural authentic smiles we display when we’re genuinely joyful… and then there are the forced smiles we endure for photos and polite social occasions.


Authentic smiles are marked by wrinkles in the eyes and differ from those flat mouth-only smiles.

…it’s these real, happy smiles that get results.

University Study

In a study of “authentic” smiles, conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, demonstrated the impact of smiling. Researchers analyzed the yearbook pictures of 111 smiling women. Fifty of the pictures displayed authentic smiles. Participants expressing genuine positive emotions in their yearbook picture were more likely to be married and have higher well-being than their non-smiling classmates.

Never Forced

An experienced dating photographer will know that it’s never a good idea to force a smile out of a client. A forced smile isn’t genuine and nearly always looks fake and cheesy. I remember a negative experience I had-

“I used a bad dating photographer once, who didn’t make me feel comfortable, she kept telling me to smile, when I’m not a smiling sort of person… I mean, I smile but not the “cheesy” grin that she wanted, I’m just not comfortable when forced to smile-and my photos showed it-I felt stupid and never used the photos, they just sit on my laptop and every time I see them I groan”


To coax out a real smile, Here’s a simple tip…imagine a memory that makes you really happy…when you do this you’ll naturally smile- and the muscles used to smile will lift your face, making you appear younger. Most of us are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person and figure out what’s making them so happy. Frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away but a smile draws them in

“You know how it feels when you’re out and someone smiles at you? It makes you more likely to approach that person or at least smile back, right? Well, it’s the same with online photos. People want to know what you look like when you’re happy. Why? Subconsciously, they’re also looking for someone who might make them happy. So save the tough — or pouty — face for an additional shot if you really want others to see it. Post a grin as your main shot and reel in a date!” expert Kimberly Dawn Neumann.

So smile but naturally…

Some Good Advice

Whether you are 25 or 95 Having great online dating photos is the single most important thing you can do when dating online, so visit LookBetterOnline and find out why more than 98% of our customers get better dates; See how our great dating photographers who create profile pictures we can help make your online dating experience successful and more fun than you thought possible!


What people are saying about Top Dallas Photographer Greg

Meet Greg

I love Greg’s candid dating profile photos that he offers LookBetterOnline customers.

Very Experienced

Greg is a master of creative photography and has many years of experience behind a camera (He’s spent literaly thousands of hours!)
Applying his technical skills and expert knowledge of lighting and pictorial composition for any and all genres of his craft, Greg Loves creating portrait photos that get results (His work has been published in numerous magazines.)

What Greg’s customers are saying

“Greg is the best! Top of line professional and super friendly! Thanks Greg!”- CARRIE
“Greg was fantastic! He is friendly and easy to work with, and he knows his stuff. “-AMY

“Greg was great, he is by far the best I have ever worked with. Great experience..On a scale from 1 to 10, hes a 10…”-WESLEY
“Greg is the greatest. He was courteous, patient and professional. As soon as we arrived we knew we were in good hands with Greg. His work speaks for itself! I highly recommend his services. “-MARY

“He was incredible. He knows his work. I would highly recommend him.”-KATY
“Greg is fantastic. Not only is he a good person, he talkes the time to make sure things are right and you are comfortable with the direction of the shoot. I give him my highest recommendation.”-STEVE

Think about this!

Having great online dating profile photos (Taken in a specific way) is the most important thing you can do when dating online, To Book a session with Greg simply CLICK HERE