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Questions? 888.282.9777

A talented New York Photographer.

Simply stated Rick takes amazing photos.

Thousands of hours of photography

It’s clear that he’s spent thousands of hours behind a camera perfecting his photos

When I asked him why he likes Portrait photography he told me that

“It allows me to help someone capture themselves in a way that truly represents them best to the world. I love the challenge of getting the subject out of their shell and sharing themselves with the world in a new or fantastic way.”

Spotlight on Top Rhode Island Photographer Cregg

Meet Cregg

Cregg is a professional full-time photographer based in Rhode Island. He is frequently asked to photograph portraits and has produced many fantastic photos for members of online dating services. “Their new photos totally helped those clients get insane numbers of winks and emails,” he says.

Highly experienced, relaxed and knowledgeable

Cregg has been shooting for well over a decade and has a passion for headshots and wedding photography.

What’s also significant is that Cregg has also used online dating and knows the importance of great pictures. He’ll ask what look you would like for your photos and give his professional opinion about what he thinks would work well.
“I have a great sense of humor,” says Cregg. “We’ll soon be joking and laughing about all the people that you will have to reject once your incredible new photos go online.”

A Sense of who he is

Cregg is NOT the average photographer…he’s clearly a master at what he does. In Cregg’s Words:

“I love creating spectacular photos. With a desire and hunger for perfection, I think out of the box to create unique works of art. I want your photos to be the best people have ever seen.”

“I want your pictures to be a memory that will last long after the day has ended, and I want your breath to be taken away.”

“I want to give you pictures that will make you and your loved ones smile, laugh, and cry when they see them for the first time. Pictures that are creative, have incredible angles, interesting shadows and exquisite light & expression.”

What people are saying about Cregg

“Cregg was highly professional and provided the best customer service I’ve ever recieved. Along with his exceptional talent to find just the right lighting and perfect angles, he had the outstanding patience to make sure I was completely comfortable for every picture as well. Highly recommended.”-Kang

“The care and time Cregg spent on my shoot was TOP NOTCH! Bar none! I had a really great time working with him, and for what I got, I can’t believe that it only cost me what it did! He provides an EXCELLENT service, and I cant wait to work with him again.”-


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Interview with Top San Antonio Photographer Karl

Meet Karl

Karl’s been on our talented team of photographers for a while now.

Over a decade of experience

Karl has been a photographer for over a decade and is clearly a master at what he does.
I’m always curious to ask “seasoned professionals” a few questions and I thought his answers would give you an idea of who he is and how he can help you get the profile photos you deserve. I’ve included some of his masterful photos too!

What do you love about photography?

I love the magic! There is something special about stopping that moment in time.  When I started in photography we were shooting film. I was in awe when in the darkroom I could see that image come to life after coming out of that magic box.  I had the power to preserve time for myself and for others.

Can you share a personal detail that you feel comfortable with?

When I was in school I found solace in being able to capture my classmates on film.  When I could then put them in the yearbook, I gained some semblance of popularity.

Anything that you tell customers prior to a shoot/any tips/secrets to share with customers?

Relax, have fun!  The idea behind a portrait session is to be yourself, but with a twist.  We will work with you to create the you that is really inside.  Most often when we are photographed we are not relaxed and comfortable.  It is because we are thinking about it too much.

What I like to do is just have a nice conversation with you. Get to know you as a person. We will take photographs during this time. You may find that as the time goes by you loosen up and we have a nice casual session.  This will result in great images!

The day of your session, don’t rush!  Make it a you day. If you are calm and relaxed at the time of the shoot , the end results will be better. Pamper yourself! Have Fun!

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To book your own photo-session with Karl CLICK HERE