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Mother’s day…and Dating for Single Moms

With Mother’s day coming up soon I’ve been thinking about some of the dating challenges single Moms face.

…I grew up in a single parent family for many years and know just how hard single Moms work; Often single Mom’s opt to not go on dates.

A single Mom’s perspective:

I was speaking with a single Mom recently who told me:

“It’s not that I don’t want to date…but with responsibilities as both “Bread-winner” and “Super-Mom” bringing up my children alone I just can’t seem to find any time for myself, and my divorce was hard on the Kids so I’m sure that they wouldn’t want to see me dating-while I love being a Mom, being single is a challenge, I hate being alone and I  want to find someone special”

Dating Expert Julie Spira

For those of you who follow this Blog, you’ll know I’m a fan of Online dating Expert Julie Spira (She’s a Los Angeles based dating coach with clientele located throughout the United States, (as well as in numerous countries around the world.) Julie’s also been named in the Top 10 Best Online Dating Experts by so she knows her stuff

Julie’s articles and dating advice have appeared on relationship and online dating sites including HurryDate, Betty Confidential, Date Daily, eHarmony Advice, Galtime, GenConnect, JDate,, MSN-Glo, She Knows, Yahoo! Shine, YourTango, and Zoosk. (to find more about her click here)

Julie’s Tips

Here’s Julie’s expert adive on Dating for single Moms.

It’s May, and time to honor and toast to all the Single Mothers in the Cyber-Dating World.

You are a super mom. You love your kids. You would like to meet someone who acknowledges the fact that your children are a priority. Whether they are school-aged or fully grown up, blending a family can be tricky. When the kids go to sleep, you are alone and may wonder, how can I meet someone that can enhance my life, rather than being alone?

Here’s five helpful Cyber-Dating Tips for Mother’s Day.

Cyber-Dating Tip #1 Join an online dating site that caters to single parents.
Check out both

Cyber-Dating Tip #2 Join
This site is a safe place to communicate with other singe mom’s about all issues including dating.

Cyber-Dating Tip #3  Keep the profile photos of you, alone.
Keep your children out of  your photo gallery online. While you may be proud of your beautiful kids, save the family photos for when the time is right and you have met in person.

Cyber-Dating Tip #4 Don’t hide the kids!
Be proud of the fact that you are a mom. Make sure you convey in your profile that you are a single parent and let the other party know right away how many children you have. You don’t have to share names or birthdays yet, but don’t spring the news on a date after you have met.

Cyber-Dating Tip #5 Meet my kids?
It’s hard enough to coordinate a time to meet an online date with your busy schedule juggling work, children, and dating.  I know it may seem like commonsense, but please don’t introduce your children early on in the dating process, until you know the relationship will stick.  It’s hard on the kids to have a revolving door of different dates every week.

And finally, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Enjoy this special day!

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Getting out there and meeting other singles

As a new American Citizen I’ve been trying to learn a little US history each week (Much to my amusement I often find that I know more about US History than my American friends!)In my study of famous historical people from the USA I Came across Ralph Waldo Emerson…or more specifically a quote of his

“Passion rebuilds the world. It makes all things alive and significant”.

“So what’s this got to do with a BLOG about online dating or profile photos?” I hear you say? “Get to the point!”

While talking with my new friend Lisa she said that “Relationship coaching” isn’t just what she does for a living; it’s her passion.

Meet Lisa

Lisa’s immediately likeable and authentic…Her Bio reads:

“I know that nothing else we do in life can feel as frustrating, confusing, and disheartening as dating or being in a disappointing relationship. But I also know that love is worth everything we must go through in order to find it”.

Wise words indeed…

Another thing I like about Lisa is that she’s humble…when I first spoke with her on the telephone she never even mentioned that she’s been featured by Patti Stanger on the Millionaire matchmaker TV show as Patti’s “Number one Life Coach”…to find more about Lisa and see her at work on the Millionaire matchmaker TV show CLICK HERE

A question I get asked a lot

A question that I get asked a lot by people is “How exactly can I get out there and meet other singles”
My answer is usually that online dating should be just part of your strategy to meet people.

Here’s Lisa’s expert advice on this subject!

Getting out there and meeting other singles

Do you ever sit around on your couch and wonder why the universe hasn’t delivered you a date in ages? You think, “How come my dating life isn’t going anywhere?” Well, maybe, just maybe you need to get up, get out, and give the universe a bit of help. I am willing to bet that if you got off your cute little butt and put some effort into meeting other singles, the universe would reciprocate by giving you some dates. It’s just a hunch, but it’s a good one. Seeing as it’s nearly January 1st, you might even want to make a commitment to going out and meeting more singles one of your New Years resolutions.
Get out your calendar and schedule in at least three activities or events a month. To insure the greatest chance of getting actual dates, choose at least two events that are specifically geared towards singles. Many people make the mistake of attending a group only once, but you want to frequent the same group over and over again so that people begin to recognize you. Finally, go alone so that you will have to get out of your shell and meet more people.

Some suggested places to meet people:

1. Go to a bar or pub.(Only if it’s your thing!)
One of the easiest places to meet people is at a neighborhood bar or pub. Do not have more than one drink. In fact, it would be better to sip a club soda so that you are totally present. Witness your fears and inhibitions as they arise. Do you go for the person you are most attracted to or shy away? Do you wait to be noticed by others or do you send out signals that you are interested? Are you judging people and looking for their flaws? What if you looked around the room and focused on what was attractive about each person?

2. Join a dance class.
Salsa and ballroom dancing classes are an especially good way to meet people. When you get moving, you naturally are in a better mood. Dancing is also a great way connect with your body and your sensuality. As a metaphor for relationships, dancing teaches men how to take the lead and it helps women feel more comfortable letting a man take the lead. Dancing will also get you out of your head and help you flow with the moment, skills that come in handy when you’re on an actual date.

3. Go for a hike.
You can join a group like Sierra Club Singles or go alone and see if you can engage other people on the trail. Hiking is a great way to combine exercising with meeting other people. For some people, parties and Meetup groups can feel too sterile. Doing an activity can create an environment where meeting people feels more natural. Start by just smiling and saying hello to people. Eventually, you might say, “Mind if I walk with you awhile?” If you like someone, you might ask if they would like to meet again for another hike.

4. Go to a networking meeting.
Networking meetings give you a built in excuse to walk up to someone attractive in the room and strike up a conversation. Check for singles-related networking groups. Wear something that stands out—a piece of jewelry, a colorful scarf, or a striking pair of glasses—or notice something someone else is wearing that you can comment on. “I love those retro eyeglasses you’re wearing…” Ask what kinds of clients they are looking for so you can refer to them. If you’re bold, suggest getting together for lunch or a drink to discuss how you can help each other.

5. Sit in a coffee shop.
Grab a cup of coffee and a chair by the door. Don’t read a book or the paper. Instead, smile at people as they walk in. See if you can get someone to stop and talk to you. Maybe comment on something someone is wearing or on the weather, anything to strike up a conversation.

6. Go to a supermarket.
Go at the busiest time of the day and see if you can engage people at the vegetable department or in deli section. Be playful and flirtatious. Try challenging yourself to talk to the cutest person you can find. Ask for help getting something off the top shelf or inquire if that person has ever tried a certain product. Get comfortable talking to everyone, especially people you find attractive.

7. Go to a park or a dog park.(only if it’s your thing!)
Nothing attracts attention like a dog. A friend of mine was having a terrible time getting dates. Then, she got a dog. The dog got her to get out and about and, lo and behold, she met a guy. A REALLY cute guy. Now she has a dog and a boyfriend. Talk about a happy camper. If you meet another dog owner you like, suggest a “doggie” play date.

Think About This!

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4 Simple tips to help make dating more fun

Here are 4 super simple tips to make dating more fun


Simply stated, you need a relaxed, carefree attitude when it comes to dating; If you can’t do this then you’ll almost certainly not enjoy the dating process and perhaps even end up feeling “needy”. If you go out on a date with someone you like and then don’t hear from them then instead of stressing over why – just accept it wasn’t meant to be and move on, save yourself all that drama and get ready for the next exciting dating adventure.

Trust your gut.

Following your intuition is always a good idea, and when it comes to dating, no exceptions.

Accept people for who they are.

How many of us are guilty of thinking they could change something about a partner?
Remember how we learned the hard way that we couldn’t change them? Look for a partner who you don’t want to change and the odds are you’ll live a happier life; If you can’t accept some trait or habit in a potential partner then simply move on and spend your time looking for someone more suitable.

Remember bad dates make good stories.

We’ve all had bad dates…don’t let a bad date ruin your day! Simply open a bottle of wine afterwards with your friends and have a good laugh!

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The online dating confessions of a nice guy: Part3

Welcome to part 3 of “The online dating confessions of a nice guy”, where I’m interviewing dating expert Phil Torcivia.

A man’s perspective on dating for women

Here’s a man’s perspective on dating,  In today’s discussion we will be talking about online dating websites, speed dating and more.

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The online dating confessions of a nice guy: Part1

Meet my new friend Phil Torcivia.

One relationship disaster away from a third cat.

Phil is a divorced guy, who in his words, “Transplanted himself from Pennsylvania into the treacherous dating pool in Southern California”. His feline companions, Syd and Symon, share his home in San Diego and an occasional dish of leftover tuna. Phil loves nothing better than bellying up to the bar with his favorite social lubrication (wine) and watching the bizarre mating rituals of the locals, which he translates into humorous essays. He has been single long enough to be involved in a few train-wrecks of his own, admitting that he’s “one relationship disaster away from a third cat.”

100,000 Women want to see things like a man!

What I found fascinating is that 34,306 people follow Phil on Facebook and 56,385 follow him on Twitter!
What makes nearly 100,000 people (mostly women between the ages of 30-50), follow Phil?

Women it seems often don’t understand men, so they read Phil’s blog to see things from a man’s perspective!

A fun interview

I thought it might be fun to interview Phil, and have some conversations about online dating, love and life.

Here’s part 1 of a few confessions of a nice guy; I hope you’ll enjoy his common sense, wisdom and humor!


Click Here  to buy Phil’s excellent,(and pretty funny) books

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A letter to women over 40 who haven’t found love yet!

Dear Woman over 40 who hasn’t found love yet,

I want you to Meet my friend Bobbi, she’s a dating coach and I think she has a VERY important message to share with you.

I like Bobbi because just like my other dating coach friends “The Amazing Clarks” she IS the real thing, she’s happy, has met her true life partner and she’s a dating coach who genuinely loves helping people. (Tip for anyone reading this, if you want to marry the man of your dreams then listen carefully to dating coaches with happy marriages who literally married the men of their dreams.)

“So whats so important about Bobbi”? I hear you say…What’s important about Bobbi is that she found love at 47.

If you are a single woman over forty, who is still hoping to meet the man of your dreams… If you’re tired of disappointing dates and feeling like it’s too late or too difficult…then please read on.

Put aside your fears.

Put aside your fears that it might be too late for you to discover love that will nourish you for the rest of your life.

I know, in those quiet moments…you feel sad thinking you will never enjoy the love and affection of a truly great man, you feel needy because a strong women like you shouldn’t feel like she needs anyone to be happy and you feel alone even though you have loving friends and family surrounding you because you feel like the only one who can’t find a man.

Listen to what Bobbi says.

“I know you and so many women like you. I was you not very long ago. You have a lovely and loyal circle of friends and you’re surrounded by nice things. Sometimes you even succeed in convincing yourself that it would be okay living the rest of your life without the love of a man-you’ve had to.
But we know the real truth, we know that all you have just isn’t enough. And when you think of sharing the great life you’ve created with someone you love — and who loves you — you know that could take your life to a whole new level of fulfillment and joy.”

How did Bobbi find (& keep) her dream man?

Well as an outsider I can tell you half the story. Half the story is how she found her man, the other half of her story is how she succeeded in dating him and keeping him!

In Bobbi’s words

When it came to finding her “dream man” let’s hear Bobbi’s words.

“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have found and married the man of my dreams if it weren’t for my profile pictures. Literally within minutes of posting my new dating profile photos I started getting winks and emails—LOTS and LOTS of them, at least 5 times the number I had been receiving over the previous months.

The best part is that “Larry” was one of them. He winked at me within the first week after I posted my new pics; I winked back; he emailed me and told me that he loved my eyes and my smile. We emailed a few times, and finally met a couple weeks later. Within 6 WEEKS of meeting we planned our wedding. (To put this in perspective: I was 47 when we met and had never been married. I was truly waiting for my perfect match… and there he was!) On September 23rd, 2006, Larry and I got married. These have been the happiest times of our lives. I know from talking to him that it was the pictures that initially captured his interest. (Of course it’s my sparkling personality that also came through!) But honestly, Larry says he never would have even read my profile if it wasn’t for my “beautiful pictures.” I’ve read things like this for years and thought it would never happen to me. But it did!

Online dating does work and there is no question that having professional pictures taken is 100% critical to opening up the most possibilities, and the ultimate success: true love!

PS I finally talked my girlfriend into getting online and having you take her pics. Sure enough, she met the man of her dreams! The four of us spend time together and I can tell you that they, too, are another success story!)”

– Bobbi, Long Beach, CA

Bobbi’s dating profile photos

Here are Bobbi’s “before and after” dating profile photos for you to see for yourself!

The other half of the story

The other half of the Story is how Bobbi succeeded in dating and keeping her dream man. I’ll let her tell this side of the story (visit her website and she’ll give you all the tips and advice you need) Her expertise comes from decades of teaching, consulting, managing and mentoring people.  More importantly, it comes from becoming a first-time bride at age 47.

I hope you find the love you deserve
Warmest  regards

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Dating after divorce for Women.

How do you jump back into the dating game after having a long and painful divorce?

Hopefully these tips will help make your transition a little easier.

Last painful days of the divorce.

The last days of divorce usually involve paperwork and getting things in order.

Dating during the last painful days of your divorce can have terrible consequences, so when you’re going through the divorce avoid dating altogether.

Save the awkward explanation in court as to why you were Miss. “Desperate-to-get-some, especially if he’s asking for the car, the house and half your future earnings.

Now it’s finally over.

Now that you’re officially single take a little time alone, to avoid starting dating when you’re in a “needy” mindset (you’ll know how much time you need~ Just be honest with yourself)

Moving on with your life does not mean forgetting about your past. After all, you probably had some good times with your Ex; don’t forget them just allow yourself a little time to “Process” your divorce. There’s no need to rush into the next new man.

The last thing you want is to go out and find a replica of your ex-husband, and repeat the same mistake all over again.

A new improved you.

Now, some physical changes may be in order. Join a gym, or start going regularly if you already have a membership. (You know how most women let themselves go when they’re in a serious relationship.)

And get some nice new Clothes, when you dress well you’ll feel confident (And get some new online dating photos taken too!)

Forget about meeting Mr.perfect; RELAX, date and meet new people.

The most common mistake newly divorced women make is moving too quickly and trying to get into a new relationship, many women return to the  dating scene desperate to meet someone because they feel that their “time is running out” .

“The best advice is to relax. There are plenty of men out there”.

Don’t make finding the “love of your life” your immediate dating goal!
Don’t get us wrong, we are confident that you will inevitably attract the “love of your life” but this is a process that has to unfold naturally and can take days, weeks, or months. The danger is, if you try to rush the process you’re almost guaranteed to have a horrible online dating experience.

If you are honestly relaxed about the process, then you literally won’t care about or even notice how long it is taking to attract the man of your dreams. And ironically, you will actually be able to attract that special man much faster and much easier.

Dating online? The most important thing you need to know…

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3 dating tips for EVERY women who’s EVER had a bad date! (And a very funny video too)

Ok so here’s the funny video watch it first to make you laugh,  then read the text below

Yes I know, your girlfriend probably told you to get a life, so you joined or eHarmony and after meeting sooooooo many people online and having met more than your fair share of men who just don’t interest you. You are “Burned out” with online dating and would rather spend your Saturday evenings alone with Ice-cream, a good bottle of wine and a movie than with the WRONG guy!

So firstly take a month off dating…spend time with friends, pets and alone, laugh about all the bad dates you had and see the funny side; (And also remember how bad it was at  the end of your last relationship, and how lucky you are to have escaped it!)

Here’s 3 things you can do to press the “Online Dating reset button” and make dating a positive experience once again!

  • Don’t think of it as dating. Most women put so much pressure on themselves and their date, DON’T!
    Think of this as an opportunity to meet a stranger, and enjoy learning about them, then you’ll not be needy and if there’s no chemistry you won’t be disappointed either
  • Get rid of the the “I hope he likes me” attitude. Never approach meeting men with the “I hope he likes me” feeling. Start with “I wonder if I’ll like him! This stops you from needy or trying to read his mind and helps you focus on whats important, how you feel when you are with him!
  • Stay Positive. It’s important to stay positive! avoid topics and questions that lead to negative conversations like “So how’s the online dating thing going for you?” Talk about things that you both like…it’s not that hard, and don’t be a bore work is off topic for the first date!

Online dating? The most important thing you need to know…get good profile photos

Having great profile photos is the single most important thing you can do when dating online, sovisit LookBetterOnline and find out why more than 98% of our customers get better dates, and see how we can help make your online dating experience successful and more fun than you thought possible!

Going solo on Valentine’s day – Advice for singles

The stores are decorated in candy hearts, flowers and bears. Every TV or radio commercial reminds you that it’s time to remember your sweetheart on this special day for lovers. Your feelings range from sadness, to revulsion to anger. What’s a single person to do? The following suggestions are designed to both answer that question and to help you have a good day after all, while working to make it your last solo one.

1. Celebrate the day by planning an activity that is meaningful and enjoyable to you

Choose something that provides you with a special treat. Go to a day spa for “the works”, plan an intimate dinner for 3 or 4, go ice-skating or to the movies with a fun friend, or go out to dinner and a movie with a group of other singles. Focus on what you enjoy and make a conscious decision about how to mark the day. Un-Valentines Day parties are very popular and can be a lot of silly fun. You can attend one or throw one of your own.

2. Design a relationship-building plan for 2003

Let the holiday provide you with the motivation to take risks, try new ideas and gain the knowledge that will enable you to find and create a lasting, intimate relationship.

  • Sit down at the computer or with pen and paper in hand and get your plan written down.
  • Begin by making a list of resources that can be used to help you meet available singles. These can include: on-line dating sites, singles groups, volunteer activities, or participation in sports or other activities that you enjoy.
  • Decide when and how often you will participate in any activity you have chosen. *Make a budget for both time and available funds for this purpose.
  • Do your homework and research each resource so the information will be available when you need it.

3. Review those resolutions you made, or make some if you haven’t yet

Think about what is really important to you. Remind yourself that implementing and sticking to these will help ensure that you are really ready for that special relationship. Being the kind of person you want to be with is the first step. Begin with concrete goals. For example: stick with a healthy diet, exercise three times a week, plan one organizational task per week, etc. Taking care of yourself and living well, will optimize your chances for relationship success. Start today.

4. Work to eliminate negative thinking

When a negative thought comes into your mind, take a moment to think about what is beneath it. Then, tell yourself that thinking this way is not good for you. Make a decision to drop the thought and try to think of something (anything) that is positive. It can be as simple as focusing on what a beautiful day it is outside, to feeling grateful that you survived the current wave of lay-offs in your company. Use this technique for situations as well. Ask yourself how you can view the situation differently. Try to find one positive angle or outcome that could result from an otherwise bad situation. For example, you are being laid off from your job. You have been unhappy for a long time, but could not motivate yourself to do anything about it. Now, you have the motivation to look for a new job, or perhaps change careers. Think of all the possibilities that could open up for you.

Negative thinking is a downward spiral that leads to negative behavior and possibly depression. Consciously choose to challenge these thoughts, and empower yourself with a more positive outlook and approach to life.

Hopefully these tips will assist you in having a better “solo” Valentine’s Day than you might have been headed for. Enjoy the day by doing something fun. Then focus on your relationship plan and empower yourself to build the healthy, lasting relationship of your dreams.

Dating online? The most important thing you need to know…

Having a great photo is the single most important thing you can do when dating online, so visit LookBetterOnline and find out why more than 98% of our customers get better dates, and see how we can help make your online dating experience successful and more fun than you thought possible!

Happiness and the single person – Changing myth into reality

Does the expression “single and happy” sound like an oxymoron to you? Are you weary of others (especially other singles) reinforcing the belief that singles can’t be happy? Do you find yourself always planning for the future or putting things off until you “are married and settled? Do you often have a sense that the intense feelings of happiness and joy can’t really be experienced unless you “have someone to share it with?” Do you just feel there is not enough time and other necessary resources available to the single person to pursue experiences that can bring true happiness?

If the above resonates in your gut, don’t despair. The following tips will offer ways to help you experience your present reality differently through changing behavior that is based on those negative (false) beliefs. Essentially, these tips will offer advice on how to live a joyful, fulfilling and balanced single life, which will also assist you in achieving a healthy, long-term, intimate relationship.

Seek self-fulfillment as an individual

Place emphasis on being truly alive and experiencing the things that bring you true pleasure. Don’t let the feelings of peace and wonder slip from your life as you wait to share (beautiful sunsets) and other gifts of life with a future partner.

Don’t place your focus on “getting there”

Instead, learn to experience the journey of life. If you can only see the goal of a relationship – marriage, home, children, etc., you will not enjoy the experiences along life’s way. A good analogy for this is that of a person who bikes and sets (ie), a 40-mile goal for the day. They plan and prepare and off they go. The trip consists of thoughts about getting there, watching for problems in the road ahead, measuring the distance and looking forward to the sense of relief and accomplishment when the goal is met.

What about the sensory experiences missed along the way? This biker will not see the way the sun is reflecting on the river. They won’t hear the sounds of the birds and other wildlife in the parallel world around them. The smells of fresh vegetation, moist soil and spring-drenched air will not reach their awareness. It’s doubtful their mind will trip and play with thoughts of other (perhaps childhood) days like this. In other words, they won’t be IN the experience, just racing through it, and missing the magic available all around them.

Don’t put off important life decisions while waiting for that special someone

If your desire is to own your own home, work towards achieving this now. Yes, it may be smaller than if you had a partner to share it with. Your list of must-haves with this first home may be different (as yours alone) than they would be if you were looking for a family.When that time comes, you can make the decision to remain there for a time, or sell/rent out your first place. In the meantime, you will have an investment that you can make into something that meets your needs now for comfortable and secure living. It will add stability and be a wonderful help at tax time. If you are thinking about making a career change or going back to school for a degree, there is no better time than now. Yes, this may involve re-working priorities, moving, giving up some income, etc. If this is something you have decided you want for your life, delaying it until you are settled in a relationship may make it impossible to achieve. Make that move now. Don’t let this time in your life be placed on hold as you wait for things to happen in your life, instead of working to make them become reality.

Pamper yourself

Do nice things for yourself now that you have been putting off until… Go ahead and take that trip to the exotic place you have always wanted to visit. You can return there someday with your special someone.

Make it a habit to set the table for your dinner (for one). Use nice china and candles. Treat yourself as deserving of the things couples routinely provide to themselves as a unit. Ask yourself, am I less deserving because I’m single?

Put care and love into how you decorate your home. It does not have to cost a lot of money or become another chore to accomplish this. Make it a comfortable nest and retreat from the world. You and your future mate can decide together what to keep, change or add to.

Make a plan, not excuses

Make time for the things that matter. Don’t let your job or other responsibilities take over your life. Set those priorities. Set limits on work and other functional tasks. We often cite work as our best excuse for not attending to our other needs and wants. This may mean making less money or not moving up as fast in the organization. Without balance, there will be deficits in the emotional, spiritual, and social and leisure areas of your life.

Write down your must haves

Take time out each day for unwinding and relaxation. Keep a weekly inventory of how you are doing and make adjustments as necessary. Learn how to productively “waste time”. Turn off the blackberry and TV. Spend time alone with your thoughts. Reflect on your feelings and your life.

This is the season for new beginnings. Let this spring be your time for learning how to be truly happy and at peace within yourself. Immerse your senses in the many joys that the world around you has to offer. Don’t shut out the beauty and happiness that is available to everyone, regardless of their relationship status.

Dating online? The most important thing you need to know…

Having a great photo is the single most important thing you can do when dating online, so visit LookBetterOnline and find out why more than 98% of our customers get better dates, and see how we can help make your online dating experience successful and more fun than you thought possible!